Joan Lobis Brown’s Squarespace site

New York City-based portrait and landscape photographer Joan Lobis Brown has spent nearly a decade giving voice those who are too often marginalized, neglected, and stigmatized. Setting her gaze on the theme of isolation, she has traveled around the globe to uncover the worldwide consequences of ignorance and discrimination. From emotionally-charged portraits of international HIV/AIDS activists and those living day-to-day with a positive diagnosis to empowering shots of at-risk LGBT youth who have been rejected by their families of origin, her work ultimately illuminates not what separates us but that which ties us together.

In addition to her human rights work, Lobis Brown has chronicles the devastating effects of global warming and climate change on the struggling polar bear population of Churchill, Canada and the penguins and seals fighting for survival in Antarctica. In advocating for these majestic animals, she reminds us of our ties not only to our fellow men but also to those creatures with whom we share this planet.

Lobis Brown used Squarespace to build a website that showcases her work under a clean and unified aesthetic. With easy navigation tools, the new site places her images front and center, allowing others to more fully connect with her message of empathy and compassion. We spoke to the artist about her new site.



What bothered you about your old site? Did Squarespace help you to fix some of those problems?
“My old site seemed static, out of date and did not include responsive design. Squarespace helped because I feel confidant that I can continue to update my site, either by changing the template or customizing it, as well as adding different media, such as video.”

Could you describe the look you were going for while building your new site?
“My site had to look sleek and professional. It had to be visually stunning to show off my photographs in the best possible way. It had to be easy for the viewer to navigate. I wanted a seamless interface from image to image. And I needed to be able to add text where I wanted.”

How long did it take to build your site? Did you find it easy to navigate?
“There was a learning curve for me to understand how to configure my website. Squarespace tech support was extremely helpful in answering my questions, and now I know I can modify my website whenever I need to. Yes, I think my site is easy to navigate.”



What template did you use, and why did that template work best for you? Did you customize anything?
“I used Forte. I liked the opening interface the best. I customized the font sizes and I added pages.”

How do you feel your new site complements your work and your personal aesthetic?
“My site is a good reflection of my personal aesthetic – clean lines with little excess.”



What are some of the benefits to building your own site, rather than hiring someone else to do it?
“I didn’t want to be beholden to anyone to build my site or for modifications. It is a great comfort to know that I can update or modify my website on my own, and I can change templates. And, of course, doing it by myself saves a lot of money.”



What are some of your favorite things about your new site?
“My photographs look great. I think my website showcases my work in a uniform and understandable way, allowing viewers to look at the photos and to understand my thought process.”

What are some of the advantages of choosing Squarespace?
“The options presented are all great. Everything is easy to learn and to use. The tech support is outstanding. The templates are all beautiful to look at. And they all look superb on phones and iPads – great responsive design.”



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