Young Love, $75 © Merelyn Bucio

Last year, we profiled the non-profit NYC Salt for their amazing program that teaches inner city high school students photography and prepares them for college. 100% of Salt graduates have been accepted into college – and most all are the first generation of their family to attend. We continue to be inspired not only by the non-profit, but also by the work these kids are creating and their visual take on NYC. This year, we’ve teamed up with NYC Salt and CoEdit Collection to launch a special collection of images taken by NYC Salt students. The work is reasonably priced and 100% of the funds raised go back into the program.

The work I’ve chosen to include is as diverse as NYC, which made it a really fun project for me to curate. I simply picked the images that I liked, and I have to say it was totally refreshing to see work created by students that have their own distinct style, with very little influence from the wider world of photography, the images are truly unique.


Moon Over New York, $75 © Danny Martinez


Shop City, $75 © Ailyn Perez


Chesca Color, $75 © Danny Martinez


Monet, $75 © Christian Rodriguez


Flight, $ 75 © Jeffrey Rodriguez


Park Reflection, $75 © Judith Szeto


Fire Escape, $75 © Rami Abouemira

Randy Martinez

Pan Am, $75 © Randy Martinez


Night Reflection, $75 © Donis Almanzar

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