Pasture-raised pork schnitzel with overwintered vegetables and Og Kush butter © Justin Walker / Offset


© Justin Walker / Offset

When New York-based photographer Justin Walker was approached by Sinsemil.la, an underground fine dining club specializing in marijuana-infused cuisine, he welcomed the opportunity to show the controversial plant in a new context. Sinsemil.la, he explains, creates its menu by pairing varieties of cannabis with foods that compliment its natural flavors and psychoactive effects. Their ingredients are locally sourced and organically farmed with the intention of creating one-of-a-kind meals, not merely for the sake of getting stoned.

With the help of food stylist Chris Lanier, prop stylist Kaitlyn Du Ross, and producer Mason Adams, Walker created images that would allow Sinsemil.la, a relatively covert operation with clubs across New York City, to enter into a more public sphere with the launch of its website. The goal, he explains, is to shift perspectives on the plant, allowing it to shed its negative reputation for one of elegance and refinement.

In addition to the club’s menu items, Walker shot the plant itself in Colorado on legal medical marijuana farms. The plants are produced naturally, he explains, noting the tiny insect bites that are visible on some of the leaves. When asked about the current debate surrounding legalized marijuana use, Walker explains, “I don’t really see it as debatable anymore.” As cannabis use becomes more and more accepted, he hopes to contribute to its increasing normalization, writing, “This is an ingredient, this is like a wine pairing, this is a subtle and safe thing that people enjoy.”


Potato gnocchi with White Widow buttered wild mushrooms and fresh Diesel © Justin Walker / Offset


Roasted local ribeye with Maui Waui baked potatoes and spring vegetables © Justin Walker / Offset


Warm Girl Scout Cookies Chocolate Cake with Rhubarb and Grand Daddy Purple Ice Cream © Justin Walker / Offset


Confit chicken wings and frisee salad with Mango Kush croutons and smoked Niman Ranch bacon © Justin Walker / Offset


© Justin Walker / Offset


Slow cooked Catskill pullet egg with crispy asparagus and Lemon Mazar Hollandaze © Justin Walker / Offset


© Justin Walker / Offset


Lemon Mazar Troy Dam black bass En Potilliote © Justin Walker / Offset


Fried baby artichokes with RSZ Blueberry Garlic Aioli © Justin Walker / Offset


Cold-smoked Peconic Bay scallop crudo with chorizo, Og Kush oil, fresh coriander and lemon © Justin Walker / Offset

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