For Another November, photographer Laura Stevens constructs a series of images that delve into the complex emotions one experiences at the end of a significant relationship. The title stems from the month she separated from her partner, and points to the passing of time and the gradual change of emotion experienced after a loss.

Approaching both friends and strangers, Stevens stages a haunting narrative that is both deeply personal, yet highly relatable. From the stack of boxes that sit in a home that was once shared, to the moments caught staring longingly in a search for answers, to the solitude of a lonely dinner – these women play out Stevens’ vulnerable and emotional struggle in the most poignant and honest way. The women were photographed in isolation, surrounded by textures, color and empty spaces in a room of their own homes in Paris. Each image has its own individual story, but they all come together to form one flowing narrative of what a person goes through when a love is lost.

As described by Stevens, “By constructing images of the evolving chapters, I was allowed a vantage point from which to view the changes occurring in me, from feelings of pain, confusion and loneliness towards the reconstruction of my identity as an individual.” These images emphasize the feelings of an ending, but also make way for a renewal.












All images © Laura Stevens

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