Celebrated for his rare and distinctive viewpoints on familiar landscapes, Antwerp, Belgium-based photographer Jan Kempenaers looks out over Neist Point in the Scottish Isle of

Skye. The artist works with precision and exactness, winnowing down his collection to only the most arresting and iconic images.

This image, shot in 2006, stands out for its restrained elegance. Where most photographs of the famed landscape are bathed in dramatic light, Kempenaers captures it on a hazy, overcast day. The blue water, reduced here to a faded mist, silently cradles the magnificently understated lookout. Bisected by a walk for visitors, Neist Point, like many of Kempenaers’s photographs, marries the bucolic with the manmade to create a vision that is at once verdant and barren.

An exhibition of Kempenaers’s work, Jan Kempenaers : Enjoy the Process, opens September 18th and runs until October 25th at London’s Breese Little gallery.

Image © Jan Kempenaers

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