For Up in the Air, aerial photographer Antoine Rose transforms the beachscapes of Miami and Long Island into abstract compositions of umbrellas, towels, and tiny

human figures. Rose explains that for him, the beach is a magical sort of equalizer; with everyone in swimming suits enjoying the same scenery, distinctions of class and experience fade into the background. Here, the miniature bathers and sun tanners are seen through the same objective lens, each individual wonderfully interchangeable with the next.

As the beaches transform into small vibrant cities, distinctions between locations become all the more defined; the Miami shorelines, for instance, are populated by homogenous sets of hotel resort umbrellas, which form patterns across the milky white sand. To capture these images, Rose forgoes his helicopter seat, preferring instead to be strapped in outside of the aircraft. Up in the Air is in part the artist’s response to the global recession, a colorful reminder of the beauty and whimsy of life on earth.

Image © Antoine Rose

via iGNANT

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