Amy_Friend_02Villigen, Germany


For Dare alla Luce, photo

grapher Amy Friend collects faded memories in the form of vintage and antique photographs, which she penetrates to reveal small spots of light. Re-photographing the altered print, she captures eerily doubled images that appear ghostly and divine, as if dotted with stars. The figures immortalized here are strangers to Friend, and by piercing the surface of the two-dimensional print, she allows portions of mysterious recollections to irrevocably vanish. Each title comes either from notes scrawled on the backs of the images themselves or from Friend’s own reflections on photography.

In being trespassed and punctured, the original photographs cease to document what is forgotten and emerge reborn. Like constellations across the sky, their wounds commemorate unnamed people and places that have ceased to exist as they once were. In the destruction of material, we find the intangible human spirit, that invisible element than can never be recorded photographically. Here, we return to the fact of darkness and light, to the obscure landscape of our own tenuous remembrances.

Amy_Friend_09Latent Light

Amy_Friend_07What is done in the darkness, will be brought to the light

Amy_Friend_13The guardian

Amy_Friend_12The time I was in Cape Breton

Amy_Friend_11Niagara, 1949

Amy_Friend_10Small museums of everyday life

Amy_Friend_08I dream of that day

Amy_Friend_03All that is solid melts

Amy_Friend_05The three of them


Amy_Friend_01My Sister

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