Sheldon Serkin [@shelserkin] / July 25, 26, 27


Julia Vandenoever [@juliavandenoever] / July 28, 29, 30

Savor midsummer with our new lineup of Guest Instagrammers. We’ll be starting off in Brooklyn, NY with Sheldon Serkin, traveling to the Canadian beachside with Julia Vandenoever, Francesca Allen will take us sightseeing in Norway, and we’ll soak up the rays in Denmark with Henrik Emtkjær Hansen before heading to Chicago with Matthew Avignone.

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Francesca Jane Allen [@fr3nchiejane] / July 31, August 1, 2

Henrik Emtkjær Hansen

Henrik Emtkjær Hansen [@henrikemtkj] / August 3, 4, 5


Matthew Avignone [@theres_just_no_telling] / August 6, 7, 8