With his haunting landscapes, Australian photographer Michael Corridore captures the essence of the real world by transforming it into a fantasy. At first glance, this deceptive photograph might appear as a rendering of a vacated desert, touched only by soft rainbow light. Look closely, and the ethereal terrain reveals itself to be an aerial urban landscape, dotted with nearly unrecognizable buildings, roads, and industrial structures. Through extensive processing, Corridore strips the city bare, reconfiguring its elements to resemble something altogether foreign, a barren, ghostly planet yet to be populated with life. In this eerie realm, all human existence is washed away, leaving a powerful sense of our own inevitable impermanence in its wake.

This image, titled Transient 1483, is available for auction as part of Paddle8’s Nite Art Melbourne, an event benefiting the ENUF campaign by Living Positive Victoria, an Australian organization working for the human rights and wellness of individuals living with HIV. Bidding ends July 25 at 10:00 PM EST.

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