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Amsterdam-based travel and documentary photographer Mirjam Bleeker has visited everywhere from Ibiza to Brazil, Kenya

to Chile. Her photographs, many of which were shot at hotels, capture the essence of the culture and climate of their region, evoking the scents and smells of faraway places.

Whether Bleeker is shooting asparagus and cream sauce or a lily-petaled floral wedding cake, she imbues her still lifes with an undeniable delicacy. Even when the scene is set slightly awry, as with a flyaway sheet of wrapping paper tossed aside, it remains fastidiously crafted. As light swirls into her ethereal, airy interiors, Bleeker allows a blanket of silky white to settle over every surface. Throughout her dreamy images, there persists a potent sense of transience, as if each space has been occupied once by mysterious people since departed, ephemeral creatures leaving only meticulously laid out confections in their wake.

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