Richard_Bernabe_28824 © Richard Bernabe/ Offset

Standing on the shores of Iceland’s black sand beach, South Carolina-based photographer Richard Bernabe captures pyramidal iceberg fragments thrust from the

sea. At dawn and dusk, the otherworldly ice sculptures are set aglow with pink rays, sparkling like gems against the dark sand.

Bernabe is in the vicinity of Jokulsarlon, a lake formed from melted glacier ice. Each of the icebergs is broken from a glacier; over the years, the tides crack them into smaller and smaller pieces, until they are light enough to be carried ashore. The glistening wet sand is volcanic sand, formed from burning lava solidified in cool water. Under Bernabe’s lens, the boundaries between white and black, fluid and solid, hot and cold, begin to disintegrate into the ambiguous dreamscape. Deserted in this uncanny space, we watch the smooth flowing water paint the land as day fades into night and back again.

Richard_Bernabe_28823 © Richard Bernabe/ Offset

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