Caffeine High: Photos Show the Universe Bound By Swirling Coffee



For her series Coffee Universe, photographer Flora Borsi creates arresting manipulations from swirls of morning coffee, blanketing the world in a rich chocolatey hue. By framing city skylines and pastoral landscapes against the decadent backdrop of a caffeinated whirlpool, she elevates the everyday ritual of coffee drinking to the realm of the sublime. In these darkened moments, clouds of fluffy creamer illuminate a busy world in a meditative glow, recalling the preciousness of quiet, thoughtful mornings spent bent over a steamy mug of aromatic coffee.

Borsi’s surreal images have an effect similar to that of paintings by René Magritte; here, the familiar and mundane coffee cup becomes, by some mysterious transmutation, the stuff of the unknowable cosmos, as if through drinking, we might connect with the vastness of the universe.






via Design Boom

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