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Braving the ice-covered terrain of Antarctica, Tokyo-based nature photographer Martin Bailey captures the monolithic icebergs and ice palaces that extend throughout the frozen continent.

While seals and penguins can often be seen frolicking about the land, in this set Bailey captures the continent as an isolated and otherworldly dreamscape. Here, the 1,000 year old ice oscillates between the purest white and the most resplendent blue, depending on the amount of air encased within the ice crystals. At times, the icy sculptures are patterned with dark ash left over from ancient volcanic eruptions. The continent, which is in fact a desert, is blanketed in a spellbinding black sand, on which large chunks of ice fix themselves. In this sweeping natural landscape, Bailey finds parallels to the manmade wonders of the world, as some of the icy fixtures quite resemble the great pyramids and grand palaces of our human history.


© Martin Bailey / Offset

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