There are few images that have held the photographer’s gaze quite like the setting sun. For Broken Mirror/ Evening Sky, photographer Bing Wright complicates this

iconic image, capturing the evening sky in as reflected through fractured mirrors. Here, Wright, who usually works in black and white, presents an elegant meditation on color and form, splitting natural evening light onto hundreds of broken surfaces that somehow compose a single, gleaming whole.

Wright’s work operates in such a way that reminds us of the pleasure of seeing; his images are, in essence, a reflection of a reflected sunset. Captured doubly— once in the shards of mirror and again by the camera lens— the painted sky becomes all the more surreal and abstracted, familiar and foreign at the same time. Much like the photographic medium itself, the mirror serves to convert intangible light and space into a breakable, and therefore corporeal, material. Reflected and preserved many times over, the dreamy, evanescent night sky is at the mercy of our gaze.