© Jimmy White / Offset

In the shallow waters of Florida, photographer and conservationist Jimmy White captures a tender moment shared between a mother manatee and her calf, who will remain nursing and dependent for one to two years after birth. As a chairman of the board of directors of Sea to Shore Alliance, Inc., White knows a thing or two about the endangered creatures, and his work is geared towards their conservation as well as that of right whales and sea turtles.

At approximately 1,500 pounds, the manatee is more closely related to the elephant than to other marine species, and they are known for their gentle spirit and playful demeanor. Because they move so slowly, algae often grows on their backs, blanketing them in a fuzzy layer of green. Due to fishing practices, boat collisions, and loss of habitat, this mother and child are two of a mere 5,000 Florida manatees remaining. Visit Sea to Shore Alliance, Inc to help save these stunning mammals.

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