A Taxi Driver’s Stunning Multiple Exposure Photographs Capture the Chaos of City Life



Photographer Issui Enomoto sees the world from an unexpected lens: the window of a taxi cab. For Taxi in the Sea, the artist, who is also a taxi driver, presents the city of Yokohama in multiple exposures, each captured while searching for passengers. At night, the bustling cityscape, home to 3.7 million people, is illuminated with colored lights, which fade in and out of view as cars and vehicles speed down the highway.

In a city that never slows, Enomoto freezes time, preserving sights and moments that vanish with the passing traffic. Often, his images feature a human figure near the center of the frame, caught in a moment of stillness: a nap on the side of the rode, a text message to a friend, a wait for the bus. These more subdued images are coupled with burry exposures of fast-paced industrial life; a street intersection exists on the same plane as a sleeping man, and a busy train whizzes right through the center of a packed truck. In Enomoto’s imaginative realm, time is compressed into a single image, the entire movement of the night concentrated into an instant.










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