The desktop of Elise.

Whether it’s your ex-lover, a tropical beach or your dog eating a cupcake, we’re curious to see what image you look

at every morning when you turn on your computer. With that in mind, the theme for the next Feature Shoot online group show will be computer desktop images.

Generously sponsored by Squarespace, the top three photographers from the show will be awarded with a free one year subscription. Squarespace is the website publishing platform perfect for the photographer. With contemporary templates that are 100% customizable, you can create professional web pages, blogs and galleries all in one place with simple drag-and-drop tools.

The show will be curated by Anna Goldwater Alexander, Senior Photo Editor at WIRED.

Selected photos will run on Feature Shoot once and through our social media channels. Copyright will remain with the photographer.

Photographers are invited to submit one image (620 pixels wide, 72 dpi, saved for web under 100kb) titled with your name. Submissions should be screenshots of your computer desktop. Please include your full name and website in the email and submit to [email protected] with “desktop show” in the subject line.

The deadline to submit is April 10, 2014.