E._Brady_Robinson_PhotographyWilliam Christenberry, Photographer, Painter and Sculptor

Washington, D.C. and Florida-based photographer E. Brady Robinson began photographing the desks and offices of creative movers and shakers

in 2011. Visiting various photographers, artists, curators, dealers and gallerists, Robinson documents the critical spaces where the art world meets practical hard work. Whether photographer or sculptor, art critic or gallerist, each workspace has a unique personality and structure to the messy mayhem. Inspired by the idea of “desk as portrait,” Robinson has continued her exploration up and down the East Coast.

Art Desks, the photo book, is due to be published by Daylight Books in Fall 2014. In preparation for its release, Robinson plans to capture even more creative spaces from New York to Miami.

This post was contributed by photographer and Feature Shoot Editorial Assistant Jenna Garrett.

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