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The theme for the next Feature Shoot online group show will be photos of junk food. Generously sponsored by Squarespace, the top three photographers from the show will be awarded with a free one year subscription. Squarespace is the website publishing platform that more and more creatives and entrepreneurs are using everyday. They make it easy to create professional web pages, blogs and galleries all in one place, and come complete with hosting, domains, and commerce—allowing you to manage and sell your products online—as well as 24/7 support. Squarespace offers a variety of contemporary templates that are 100% customizable, leaving you to count the ways in which you can express your individual style.

The show will be curated by Emily Shornick, Photo Editor of The Cut at New York Magazine.

Selected photos will run on Feature Shoot once and through our social media channels. Copyright will remain with the photographer.

Photographers are invited to submit up to five images (480 pixels wide, 72 dpi, saved for web under 65kb) titled with your name and the number of the image: yourname_01.jpg. Please include your full name and website in the email and submit to [email protected].

The deadline for submissions is January 24, 2014.

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