Christopher_Rimmer_PhotographySchool Classroom, Kolmanskop, Namibia, 2013

Melbourne-based photographer Christopher Rimmer explores abandoned mining towns disappearing beneath the African sands. Sign of Life is the documentation of

Elizabeth Bay and Kolmanskop, locations made wealthy by the discovery of diamond deposits in 1905. From local hospitals and ballrooms, to the first x-ray in the western hemisphere, these small towns were symbols of prosperity and growth. After World War II, diamonds were found more plentiful elsewhere and the last resident moved away in 1951. Rimmer shows us what is left of these monuments of progress, now crumbling and strangely ancient. Sign of Life is a melancholic dreamland of a civilization already made a ghost by time, nature slowly devouring what was not so long ago.

Christopher_Rimmer_PhotographyBedroom Door, Elizabeth Bay, Namibia, 2013

Christpher RimmerThe Hospital, Kolmanskop, Namibia, 2013

Christopher RimmerTown Planner’s Residence, Kolmanskop, Namibia, 2013

Christopher RimmerSchool Building, Kolmanskop, Namibia, 2013

Christopher RimmerMain Living Room, Hospital Matron’s Quarters, Kolmanskop, Namibia, 2013

This post was contributed by photographer and Feature Shoot Editorial Assistant Jenna Garrett.