Phat Fly Girls “All That Fab” poster image.

Countless men and women are fighting an unending, toxic war against their own bodies. They strive to meet an arbitrary expectation of size and weight in a culture that portrays thinness as the epitome of health and beauty. I am committed to raising awareness about an alternative lifestyle that isn’t well understood: being fat, happy and healthy!—Gabriela Hasbun

Fat. Fit. Flabulous! is San Francisco-based photographer Gabriela Hasbun‘s long-term project that examines how women view themselves up against society’s preconceived notions about weight in relation to beauty. Hasbun follows a growing movement of energetic women—Bay Area fat activists at the center of Health at Every Size (HAES). Self-described as “the new peace movement,” HAES is on a mission to inspire that “good health can best be realized independent from considerations of size.”

GABRIELA_HASBUN_PhotographyLady Monster photographed at China Basin Beach in San Francisco was titled Queen of the Fire Tassels by burlesque sensation, Satan’s Angel.

The Padded Lilies are a Bay Area group of fat women who perform synchronized swimming. They have attracted more national attention than any other San Francisco based fat performance group. Their shows are consistent crowd pleasers. They teach body-acceptance and fat-empowerment. They believe that everyone can exercise regardless of size.

Fat!So? Author, Marilyn Wann.

Yay Scale by Marilyn Wann, author of Fat!So?, is the queen of the modern American Fat-Pride movement. Marilyn began making “Yay Scales,” where numbers were replaced with compliments like “sexy”, “gorgeous” and “cute”, as a way of encouraging people to get on a scale without fear.

Backstage at a performance of “All That Flab.” Matilda St. John, Artistic Director of West Coast Phat Fly Girls, gets ready before going on-stage.

Big Boogie Nights in San Jose, Ca.

Gabriela HasbunUnderground sensation Candye Kane is a legendary diva, large and lovely porn star, pin up model and fat activist. She is also an award-winning blues singer. Her CDs include Whole Lotta Love, Swango and Knockout.

Gabriela HasbunRae Bergamino runs Heavy Rotation- a fat friendly dance event for “size rebels, fatties, and chubsters”- at El Rio in San Francisco every second Friday of the month.

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