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‘Women, Children and Loitering Men': A Glimpse at Manchester’s Slums in the 1960s


Manchester, 1968, © Shirley Baker Estate, Courtesy of Mary Evans Picture Library


Hulme, July 1965, © Shirley Baker Estate, Courtesy of the Shirley Baker Estate


Manchester, 1967, © Shirley Baker Estate, Courtesy of the Shirley Baker Estate

The streets of the Manchester slums, in which children played on concrete roads and their parents watched as terraced homes were razed to the ground in favor of new developments, became in the 1960s and two decades following like a home away from home for British street photographer Shirley Baker (1932-2014), whose middle class family owned a furniture store in Salford.

Photos Capture the Surreal Beauty of China’s Empty Amusement Parks During Off-Season


Little China, Shenzhen


Treasure Island Pirate Kingdom, Qingdao


Basket of concrete fruit, Huairou

In the depths of off-season, Italian photographer Stefano Cerio roams many the amusement parks of China alone and under the ashen skies. For Chinese Fun, he braved the emptied fairgrounds of Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, and Hong Kong to discover what remains after the parks are closed, the children departed, and all is silent.

The Deserts of Sinai and Israel Illuminated Only by Starlight


Olive Tree, 1997


Ballistra, 2000

Under the shroud of night, Jerusalem-based photographer Neil Folberg traverses Galilee and the Negev and Sinai deserts in Israel and Egypt alone and by foot, watching as the stars and clouds dance across the sky. From the late 1990s until the early 2000s, he spent four years of sunsets and sunrises capturing the shadows as they descended silently upon the historic terrain.

Photographer Gets Investigated for Terrorism, Responds in Best Possible Way




“Once you’re wrapped up in a terrorism investigation, you never really escape from it,” says artist and University of Maryland professor Hasan Elahi of his experience as an innocent man under the scrutiny of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Miniature Landscapes Submerged in Tiny, Delicate Crystals







San Francisco-based photographer Liz Hickok likens Ground Waters to “a school science experiment;” to create her uncanny shimmering scenes, she first constructs a landscape or cityscape in miniature, then engulfs them in liquid chemical solutions, which evaporate to leave behind a casing of fine crystalline structures.

Father Documents His Daughter’s First Six Years of Life in Poetic Photo Series




Like many parents-to-be, French photographer Arno Brignon anticipated the birth of his daughter Joséphine both with yearning and anxiety. Over the last six years, he has seen his child grow, and in so doing, he has navigated the murky waters of fatherhood. What began as an ordinary collection of family photos has become Joséphine, a record of life inside the Edenic world he and his wife have built for their family of three.

Dark, Mystical Portraits Reveal a Fairy Tale World Based on Old German Legend

“Gisele,” old german name meaning “beautiful”


“Gudrun,” old german name meaning “sacred”


“Elizabeth,” old german name meaning “oath of god”

An important part of Nashalina Schrape’s past belongs to her German roots. Born in Berlin, her grandmother burned all the photos of her grandfather in his SS uniform (“Schutzstaffel,” meaning protective echelon founded by Adolf Hitler in 1925) before the invading Russian Army could associate them with herself and her daughters. Schrape says her photographs in True Fiction exist in this space between her family’s memory and reality. “I attempt to bridge the disappearance of the image of my grandfather and him to the representation of my family’s story and every person’s story that is at once a myriad of feelings and laden with emotional material mostly outside the possibility of verbal articulation.”

Queer Photographer Explores the Ambiguities of Femininity and Gender Identity



It’s sort of hard to say exactly what drives Hobbes Ginsberg‘s work in simple terms: but for the most part, the photographs and pictures serve as a kind of visual diary. This kind of concept is not new, but the intent with which Ginsberg photographs, as well as the kind of unique aesthetic concepts, make it hard to avoid. Distributed throughout Ginsberg’s photos are the kind of things you’d see showcased during a youtube “what’s in my bag” type video. Other photos resemble something closer to a messy bedroom after one hasn’t left it for weeks on end, or maybe the messy pastel leftovers on the table after a dinner party with friends. These kind of sentiments stretch across Ginsberg’s work, which despite these persisting interesting visual collages, often evolves into stunning, telling displays of self-portraiture. In many of the photos, Ginsberg is the prime focus by way of intriguing self-portraiture. Nonetheless, Ginsberg is always the subject of the photo whether she’s visible in it or not.

Intense Portraits Show Reptiles and Insects Interacting with the Human Body




For Penumbrae, Dutch photographer Juul Kraijer collaborates with her longtime muse, a young French woman who chooses to remain unnamed, to build human-animal hybrids that incorporate a bestiary of terrestrial and avian creatures.

Photographer Travels the Globe Documenting What Remains of World’s Fair Sites


Montreal 1967 World’s Fair, “Man and His World,” Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Dome With Solar Experimental House, 2012


Brussels 1958 World’s Fair, “A World View: A New Humanism,” Atomium at Night, 2008


Paris 1937 World’s Fair, “Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne”, Graffiti, Palais de Tokyo, 2007

While visiting Spain and exploring the remains of the 1992 World Expo in Seville, photographer Jade Doskow noticed the surreal quality that these structures have decades later. Since 2007, she has travelled the world, photographing the often abandoned architecture that, at one moment in time, were monuments of goals and future dreams of a city. For her series, World’s Fair: Lost Utopias she ‘arrests time’ in capturing both the past and present of these strange sites that have outlived their original purpose.