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Mysterious, Slightly Macabre Photographs of Taxidermy Creatures

Juliette Bates

Juliette Bates

I’m a fan of mysterious photographs, packed with symbolism, whose exact meaning eludes me. I can really appreciate this way of working in the series, Histoires Naturelles, by French artist Juliette Bates. I love the juicy, velvety blacks and creamy whites; the simple, exact compositions; and the consistency and repetition of colors and textures in these images, as well as the perfect clarity of the glass domes photographed. This series, which makes me think of newer ParkeHarrisons work, could have me looking for days.

Tender Photos Convey the Beauty and Innocence of Childhood


© Melanie Acevedo / Offset


© Melanie Acevedo / Offset

For her ongoing project Another 52 Weeks, Sea Cliff, New York-based photographer Melanie Acevedo chronicles the daily life of her children each week, constructing an infinite and inexhaustible family photo album. The project, which she began four years ago when her daughter Violet was eight and her son Rockwell three, has traced the boy and girl through the seasons and back again, celebrating the ecstasy of summer and the silent mystery of winter months. Updated weekly on Tumblr, the series preserves moments of pain and reverie, small miracles injected within ordinary days.

Photo du Jour: The Fallen Bee


For Still Here, British photographer Lydia Goldblatt traces her father through old age, negotiating the terms of his inevitable death through a sun-drenched family album that includes the unlikely body of a deceased bee. Here, the delicate creature, known for his storied loyalty to the beehive colony, becomes a surrogate for the family unit as it confronts the passing from one generation into the next.

Dreamy Portraits Capture Hijra, Bangladesh’s ‘Third Gender’



For Call Me Heena, Bangladeshi photographer Shahria Sharmin intimately explores the country’s Hijra community, composed of people who were assigned male anatomies at birth but identify as being internally female. Sharmin explains that the Hijra identity exists outside of Western definitions like transgender and is perhaps better described as a third gender. Hijras adopt traditionally female roles, becoming mothers and wives, although their marriages are not recognized legally.

Photo du Jour: Young Love in NYC


© Balarama Heller / Offset

In the summer of 2001, photographer Balarama Heller frequently left the Magnum Photos office, where he worked as an intern, and wandered the streets of New York, capturing the spirited city and all its diversity. He was drawn to the elongated, dramatic shadows of early evening, the flurry of passing foot traffic.

Popular Locations Where People Scatter the Ashes of Their Dearly Departed

Abbey Hepner

Disneyland, California

Abbey Hepner

Yellowstone National Park

One of the greatest universal mysteries of life is, in fact, death and what, if anything, becomes of us afterward. Albuquerque-based photographer Abbey Hepner examines the legal and illegal scattering of ashes in her series Temporary Container, which also studies the rise in popularity of cremation. 

‘Looking for Alice': One Mother’s Touching Story of Raising a Daughter with Down Syndrome



Sian Davey had no idea what to expect when Alice was born. Told her infant daughter had Down syndrome and to treat her no different than any other baby, Davey and her family faced the complicated reality of raising a child who was deemed ‘imperfect’ by the rest of the world. Looking for Alice is one mother’s document and pledge to her little girl, both unflinchingly honest and profoundly compassionate in the portrayal of their everyday lives.

Photo du Jour: The János Tuzson Botanical Garden


For Remembrance for the Future, Admonition for the Present, Hungarian photographer Adam Urban captures dreamy, quiet moments within the palm houses of The János Tuzson Botanical Garden in Nyíregyháza, where rare exotic plants grow and flourish. In its thirty year history, the grounds have housed thousands of different types of flora, becoming a notable research center for the college as well as an educational facility for the general public. Urban was drawn not only to the main greenhouse but also to a secondary rounded structure containing plants native to the Equator that require extreme heat and humidity to survive.

Ethereal Swirls of Smoke Photographed by Bohman+Sjöstrand Photography


© Bohman+Sjöstrand Photography / Offset


© Bohman+Sjöstrand Photography / Offset

With a passion for all things natural and elemental, photography duo Bohman+Sjöstrand Photography capture ethereal wisps of smoke flittering against black black and white backdrops. Rising from a mysterious and unidentifiable source, the transient, misty shapes toe the line between the organic and the manmade, the tangible and the imaginary.

Photo du Jour: Under a Bucharest Bridge


For City Stage, Romanian photographer Riri Coco draws parallels between the human psyche and urban infrastructure. Under her lens, the self exists in total harmony with the surrounding scenery, and the character of the city itself comes to influence—even to define— individual personas. Here, our identities exist not within an isolated vacuum but as part of a larger, unfathomable system of interrelation with the environment and our fellow human beings. Coco describes each city as a stage, complete with its own soundtrack and a unique cast of players. In this theatrical still, our protagonist rests beneath the Cuza bridge in Bucharest, surrendering herself entirely to the slanting structure that runs along the murky water.

Image © Riri Coco