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One Photographer’s Love Letter to Her Elderly Dog



Benny was Catherine Panebianco’s first dog. Well, she’d had dogs as a child, but Benny was the first who was just for her and her husband. Every morning, he drank the milk at the bottom of her cereal bowl. She took him for two walks each day, and when she stopped petting him, he’d put his paw over her hand to ask for more.

The ‘Beautiful Monsters’ of An Old Mexican Neighborhood




Photographer Diego Moreno spent his childhood visiting with Los Panzudos Mercedarios, the mystical creatures who flood the streets of La Merced in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico, every September 22nd.

Anxiety Made Visible in Photos


“I always wondered how sleep deprivation couldn’t kill you.”


“I bought a little dog to force me to leave the house at least once a day.”

Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are often dismissed, as they are afflictions which do no always manifest themselves visibly in the physical body. It is important though to remember that just because they cannot be seen, it doesn’t mean that they are not real, and furthermore that such attitudes further isolate those carrying this burden. Few who suffer from a mental health issue haven’t heard or felt that surveyors of their health were all thinking the same thing: “But you look fine on the outside”.

This Is What the World Will Look Like When Humans Are Gone



In winter, the Polish skies belong to Kacper Kowalski. He’s been making pictures from his gyrocopter, 500 feet above ground, for nearly a decade, but lately, with the arrival of drones and other pilots, he’s found freedom and privacy in the cold. “Wintertime is really the last territory that I still own,” the photographer explains.

The Case of the Man Who Eased His Pain by Taking Photos



After Ignas Maldziunas was hit by a car, he suffered from crippling headaches. After many doctor’s appointments and disappointments, he realized nothing would alleviate the pain. Except for taking photographs.

A Visual Diary and Exploration of Istanbul





Returning to a place he used to call home four years later, Spanish Cork-based photographer Helio León witnessed a change both in the city and in himself. The Purple room is his personal, visual diary and exploration of Istanbul. Through his evocative images, the artist creates a bridge between the past and the present, reflecting his subconscious obsessions, childhood fears and issues with intimacy.

Sorrow and Beauty in the Streets of 1980s NYC

CC Train, NYC, 1982 © Richard Sandler / The Eyes of the City

CC Train, NYC, 1982 © Richard Sandler / The Eyes of the City

Grand Central Terminal, NYC, 1990 © Richard Sandler / The Eyes of the City

Grand Central Terminal, NYC, 1990 © Richard Sandler / The Eyes of the City

A half-century ago, a boy in New York city spent his days skipping school, playing in arcades, and watching side shows. He bought fireworks illegally, and Times Square was the center of his universe. In the 1970s, that boy met Mary McClelland, the wife of a Harvard psychologist, who lent him a darkroom and gave him her old Leica 3F. With that gift, he became Richard Sandler the street photographer.

The Hopes and Fears of Burundian and Syrian Refugee Children



There are approximately 19 million refugees currently in the world, out of which around 8 million refugee children, and around 3.5 million children are out of school, and these figures are rising — shocking, and yet it is difficult to feel empathy when confronted with such inconceivable numbers. What is it really like to be a child living in a refugee camp? Ahead of the first World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in Istanbul in May 2016, the non-profit organisation Save the Children commissioned French photographer Patrick Willocq to visit several refugee camps and capture the lives of children in this state of transience and uncertainty. The Art of Survival is a staged recreation of reality and allows the viewer a glimpse into the hopes, fears and everyday challenges faced by Burundian and Syrian children seeking refuge in Tanzania and Lebanon, in turn raising awareness for the plight of refugee children around the world.

Portraits of Young Girls Immersed in Famous Paintings



Fine art photographer Calli P. McCaw, who currently divides her time between Manhattan and the Big Island of Hawaii, started out as a street photographer, though with time her work has evolved into something which better reflects her lifelong passion for art history. In her latest series Imagine That we see young girls standing inside well-known paintings dressed in costumes inspired by period clothing — they are neither here nor there, seemingly engaging with the paintings and yet largely devoid of painterly qualities. These great paintings are reenvisioned through the eyes of youth in the modern day. The artist elaborates: “their innocence is as metaphor for beauty, aesthetics, and humanism”.

One Photographer’s Haunting Love Song to Appalachia

"Carry Me Ohio"

Duct tape, Chauncey, Ohio, 2006

"Carry Me Ohio"

Cut here, Chauncey, Ohio, 2010


Jessie Sr. holding Kacey and Lacey, Athens, Ohio 2006

Matt Eich’s first child was born in Ohio. He had started making pictures one year earlier in 2006 as a college sophomore. He created his family here and stayed until 2009, existing against the backdrop of the Great Recession.

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