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Mythical Scenes Capture the Bond Between Humans and Birds (NSFW)

Itamar Freed02

Itamar Freed_06

For Birds of Paradise, Israeli photographer Itamar Freed casts a set of models each with a winged guardian, a featured beast that becomes his or her single companion within an enchanted wilderness.

Photographer Sean Lee Creates Incredibly Intimate Portraits of His Parents



For Two People, Singapore-based photographer Sean Lee creates intimate portraits of his mother and father, closely examining their bodies as a means of navigating the psychic threads that forever bind members of the immediate family.

Photographer Michael Benson Talks Astronomy, Infinity, and Existential Crises


The Ultraviolet Sun, Trace, July 30, 1999 [2010]


Enceladus Geysers Water into Space, Cassini, December, 25, 2009 [2012]

I don’t have to say how much I love Michael Benson’s work. These photographs were pulled together from NASA and ESA space probes. They are composites of two or more black-and-white images that have been mosaicked through Benson’s own computer work. They are pictures of how we see the universe, not the universe itself. What I see in them is a hunger for beauty in an infinity of space. That’s the greatest mystery. No matter how violent and strange the universe, at the heart of us is beauty.

Photographer Creates Intimate Portraits of Her Gender-Bending Friends (NSFW)

hymns 19

hymns 10

hymns 02

For Hymns from the Bedroom, London-based photographer Poem Baker paints intimate portraits of gender non-conforming young adults at home, capturing ephemeral and candid moments of sexual, creative, and personal discovery.

Bewitching Photos of Ahmedabad, India at Night



For Ahmedabad No life last night, French photographer Frederic Delangle captures the shadowed corners of the Indian metropolis at witching hour, long after all the busy residents have been tucked away in bed.

Striking Portraits of Young Women Wearing Their Mothers’ Wedding Dresses



For The Line, French photographer Céline Bodin dressed young girls in their mothers’ cherished wedding dresses, allowing each to step into the role of a bride that now exists only within the pages of family photo albums.

Photographer Matthew Morrocco Takes Intimate Self Portraits with Gay Men


Kissing Rolf, 2013


Self Portrait with Scott, 2012

New York City-based photographer Matthew Morrocco frequently inserts himself within his intimate nude portraits of gay men, emerging alternately as the lover, the child, the past self of each elder man. Within his candle-lit compositions, the other men are seen in relation to the artist himself, becoming guides and muses throughout his own encounter with the vulnerable and enigmatical facets of himself.

Raw Photographs Capture the East Village During the Heroin Epidemic of the 1980s

Boy On East 5th Street (4th of July), 1984.

Boy On East 5th Street (4th of July), 1984


Embrace, 1984

When New York City-based photographer Ken Schles lived in the East Village in the 1980s, the neighborhood was, in his words, “like a war zone.” He moved to the area in 1978 at the age of seventeen, and on the other side of the 1980s, he would emerge from the wreckage of the heroin epidemic, the AIDS crisis, and abandoned apartment buildings with his book Invisible City, a time capsule of sorts excavated from a city that no longer exists.

Captivating Portraits of Bodies Encased in Honey (NSFW)




For Preservation, Los Angeles-based photographer Blake Little submerges men, women, and children in bucket loads of honey, allowing the sappy fluid to enfold and enshrine them as if in a block of amber.

Haunting Images of Burned Animal Mounts Photographed After the Fire in Deyrolle Taxidermy in Paris

Marc Dantan

Marc Dantan

Immortals, a series by French photographer Marc Dantan, depicts the charred mounts at Deyrolle Taxidermy in Paris after a devastating fire in 2008. Haunting and sorrowful, the images document the damaged taxidermy in its home, the beautiful 18th-century building, as well as another kind of death for the animals preserved.