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‘Sky Studies': A Photographer Creates Optical Illusions



For Sky Studies, artist Kyle Seis experiments with our visual perception, constructing photographic installations that challenge our notion of the celestial sphere. Where the sky itself is multidimensional, it is most often reproduced in visual art a flat expanse of blue. Seis’s optical illusions undermine traditional representations of sky, forcing us to consider the tension between an infinite reality and what is observable on its surface.

Photo du Jour: Swan Lake


Swan Lake, from the series ‘Right Time Right Place’

Robert Rutöd loves serendipity, irony and what happens when they converge. The Austrian-born photographer explores the concept to its fullest spectrum in his series Right Time Right Place. Wandering about Europe for 5 years, Rutöd observed and captured instances brimming with contradiction, often painfully funny or unexpectedly tragic. The series questions whether luck is imaginary and how strange it is to find oneself in the exactly wrong place when it happens to be just the right time to document it.

Intimate Photos Offer a Glimpse into the Life of a 21-Year-Old Sex Worker (NSFW)


Eden sits with her childhood dolls in her old room in Lancaster, VA.


After Eden services a customer, she takes off her wig to return to her ‘real’ self.

For Eden, Mexico City-based photographer Alicia Vera captures moments in the life of a 21-year-old sex worker living in San Francisco. Vera met Eden three years ago while photographing a project on a strip club, where the 18-year-old had recently begun work. As the photographer began to form an intimate bond with her subject, what started as a wider exploration of women’s rights and female sexuality became a nuanced foray into the experience of one woman.

Captivating Portraits of Drifters That Migrate to the Beaches of San Diego in Winter


Karina and Tex, from Canada and Las Vegas – a couple who met on the road, cuddle one early morning in a park where they camped out for the night. Karina had been traveling for an extended period across Canada then into the US and was continuing on toward Mexico and South America.


Cliff, from Michigan shaves his head near the bay. Cliff was in the military and now lives in San Diego out of his RV.


Randall, from Texas – rests on the boardwalk wall with his lizard. He began his road journey a few months earlier by hitchhiking into a Midwestern blizzard.

For California Winter, Los Angeles-based photographer John Francis Peters enters the ephemeral community of drifters flocking to sunny San Diego in winter, documenting the temporary homes they erect along the oceanfront parks. Throughout the cold, snowy months from November to March, the waves beckon to carloads of spiritual travelers, runaway kids, and enduring nomads, all of whom have shed the confines of a traditional home life for the freedom of the open road.

Unflinching Photos Capture One Photographer’s Struggle with Self-Harm



For The Bearable, photographer Zhe Chen documents her own struggle with self-harm, constructing an indexical account of her years’ long experience with the addiction. After countless months of psychological alienation and a self-inflicted quarantine, the artist was compelled to share her private lamentations publicly, with the visceral confession of her secrets becoming a means of release from isolation.

Magical Photos Capture the Wonders and Sorrows of Childhood in Rural France



For Close to Home/Autumn, photographer Andie Wilkinson captures the changing of the seasons in and around her house and its neighboring farm areas in the idyllic Tarn-et-Garonne, France. Over the course of her thirteen years in the rustic landscape, she has documented many harvest months, and yet they are compressed here into a single and abiding instant of fall.

Photos Give Voice to the Child Laborers Working in the Limestone Quarries of Menya, Egypt



For Menya’s Kids, French photographer Myriam Abdelaziz bears witness to the child labor that persists in the limestone quarries of the city. Situated along the Nile River’s western bank, Menya is host to over 300 quarries employing an estimated 15,000 individuals, many of whom are children who have left school in hopes of pulling their families out of poverty.

Belly on Cartagena Beach


© Francesco Majo / Offset

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Photo du Jour: Landlocked


For Landlocked, Baltimore-based photographer Ben Marcin uncovers some of the many abandoned boats that lie dormant and isolated in the middle of the woods that line the Eastern United States. Removed significant distances from shore, the boats have come to represent mankind’s increasing divorcement from the natural landscape, a theme explored in much of Marcin’s previous work.

‘Identities’ Explores the Mirror Images of ‘Twins’



For Identities, Istanbul-based photographer Can Dagarslani explores the possibilities and limitations of personal identity by casting two different women as twins who mirror both one another and their inanimate surroundings. While Part I of the project is set in a spare, empty studio, Part II unfolds within the context of an apartment furnished with mid-century Bauhaus designs.