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Adorable Photos of Birds Inspired by Children’s Storybooks

BIRDS Zack Seckler 04

BIRDS Zack Seckler 06

For Birds, New York-based photographer Zack Seckler relives his childhood fascination with animals, constructing fantastical scenes in which the winged creatures play, preen, and explore. In his youth, he was transfixed by textbooks about wild beasts, and his thirst for the animal kingdom remained unsatisfied by the routine trip to the zoo. Here, he visualizes those boyish reveries, grounding his fanciful visions firmly within the tradition of naturalist John James Audubon and primitivist Henri Rousseau.

Photos by Matthew Pillsbury Capture the Fast Pace of Modern Tokyo


Hanami #14
Inokashira Park
Saturday April 5th 2014


Robot Restaurant
Tokyo, 2014

For Tokyo, New York-based photographer Matthew Pillsbury captures the Japanese capital in continual motion, using long exposures to record up to fifteen minutes of activity within its populous hubs of daily activity, from train stations to night clubs.

‘The Shepherd’s Daughter’ Reflects On Hunting, Tradition and Mortality in the Wilderness of Northern Michigan



The Shepherd’s Daughter is a quiet song of memory and mythos, exploring concepts of mortality and familial history in the snowy woods of northern Michigan. Photographer Clare Benson‘s ongoing series portrays herself, her father and one of her sisters, though the viewer is unable to distinguish who is who. Representing archetypes of past and present rather than actual individuals, Benson’s protagonists navigate a untouched hinterland, attuned to the briefness of life and largeness of the world around them.

Captivating Portraits of a Fashionable Homeless Man in His Many Improvised Outfits




For Slavik’s Fashion, Ukrainian photographer Yurko Dyachyshyn chronicles the daily stylings of a 55-year-old homeless man living in an undisclosed hiding place in the city of Lviv. Slavik changes his clothes at least once every day, pulling together outfits from items collected in city trash bins and homeless aid centers. With each wardrobe shift, Slavik restyles his hair and his beard, and he always shaves his armpits.

Photo du Jour: Church of the Pilgrimage


© Galeries / Offset

In 1963, legendary architect Gottfried Böhm constructed the new Church of the Pilgrimage in Neviges, Germany, the building that helped to thrust the Brutalist movement onto the world’s stage.

Astonishing Color Photographs of Life in the Russian Empire of Czar Nicholas II


Peasant girls / Year: 1909 / © Library of Congress


Emir of Bukhara / Year: 1911 / © LOC

Between 1909 and 1915, Tsar Nicholas II commissioned innovative color photographer and chemist Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii to document what would become the last years of the Russian Empire proceeding the Revolution of 1917. Nostalgia: The Russian Empire of Czar Nicholas II Captured in Color Photographs brings together hundreds of his images in a single volume.

Feature Shoot Recommends: Top 10 Photo Events and Happenings In London (Nov 3 – 9)


© Edward Steichen
Actress Gloria Swanson, 1924 (Vanity Fair, February 1, 1924)
The Sylvio Perlstein Collection
Courtesy of Condé Nast Archive, Condé Nast Publications, Inc, New York/ Paul Hawryluk, Dawn Lucas and Rachael Smalley

EXHIBITION: Edward Steichen In High Fashion, The Condé Nast Years 1923 – 1937, The Photographer’s Gallery, 16–18 Ramillies Street, 31 October – 18 January
During his time as chief photographer at Condé Nast, icon Edward Steichen created hundreds of fashion and portrait photographs for Vogue and Vanity Fair. As a pioneer in art photography and pictorialism, Steichen’s photographs toe the line between paintings and photographs. In this exhibition, over 200 of Steichen’s photos for Condé Nast will be on view— in some cases, for the first time in nearly 100 years— alongside some of the original publications.

Feature Shoot Recommends: Top 10 Photo Events and Happenings In New York (Nov 3 – 9)


Lorenzo Vitturi
From the series Dalston Anatomy
Yellow Chalk #1&2, 2013
Two Giclee Prints on Hahnemuhle Bamboo
© Lorenzo Vitturi, Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York

EXHIBITION: Lorenzo Vitturi: Dalston Anatomy, Yossi Milo Gallery, 245 Tenth Avenue, November 6 – December 13. Artist’s Reception November 6, 6:00 – 8:00 PM
For his first United States-based solo show, photographer and sculptor Lorenzo Vitturi draws inspiration from the Ridley Road Market in Dalston, London, a vibrant venue with vendors specializing in everything from costume wigs to textiles imported from Africa and Asia. Here, the artist exhibits a series of photographs shot in the market in addition to images of sculptures he built from found objects—sometimes perishable food items— taken from the market and into his studio. Also included in this exhibition are collages and improvised sculptures designed to capture the colorful atmosphere of Daltson and its market.

Sad Puppy


© Galeries / Offset

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Haunted Houses and Spooky Landscapes by Ysbrand Cosijn


© Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset


© Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset

Netherlands-based photographer Ysbrand Cosijn uses computer-generated imagery to create spine-chilling landscape photographs that harken back to his passion for eerie cinema and the great outdoors.