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Australian Photographer Captures the Most Beautiful Images of Waves You’ll Ever See




Australian photographer Ray Collins stumbled into his career as an ocean photographer almost by accident. Eight years ago, while working as a coal miner, he and some surfer friends ventured out to the beach to take photos. He began taking images of the ocean, seascapes and surfers in his spare time. A later knee injury led him to take up ocean photography full time. He has since found his passion, and returns to the beach every morning before dawn to capture the breaking waves for his series, and recently published book, Found at Sea.

Striking Infrared Landscapes Reveal What Is Invisible to Human Eyes

008_THE CITY_Studies in Pollution #7. River Thames.  2014.

Studies in Pollution #7, from the series The City

The Village. Photographs on Infrared colour film of Englands most haunted village.

Between Greystones and Rose-Court, 2012, from the series The Village

The Invisible - From the Invisible series.

Untitled, 2012, from the series The Flood

For The Unseen, British photographer Ed Thompson employs some of the very last Kodak Aerochrome III in existence, using the infrared film to reveal that which is imperceptible to human eyes.

Nostalgia-Inducing Photos of Melted Ice Cream Pops


Neapolitan Sandwich



For Transmogrify, New Jersey-based photographer Michael Massaia melts more than a dozen ice cream pops, tracing the unsettling yet beguiling ways in which each sugary confection becomes disfigured and reconstituted as it dissolves into nothingness.

Photographer Returns to His Childhood Home Where He Lived With His Mother, a Compulsive Hoarder



When Omaha-based photographer Geoff Johnson was a child, he would hide silently behind the front door of his house whenever someone came to visit, emerging only after they turned their backs so as to obscure their view of the interior of his house. This, he explains, was one way of coping with his mother’s compulsive hoarding. During his childhood and adolescence, Johnson and his sister lived in a house without a working refrigerator, air conditioner, or running water outside of the bathtub, with few places to eat amongst the encroaching debris. For Behind the Door, the photographer returns to that house for the first time in two decades, sifting through and photographing what remains.

Mysterious Photos of She Huo Performances in China’s Shaanxi Province



“With my images I want to evoke viewers’ imagination,” says Xiaoxiao Xu, a Chinese-Dutch photographer whose latest project does just that. The photos in She Huo were taken in two villages in Shaanxi, a province in northcentral China. The province is considered a cradle of Chinese civilization. It is home to several ancient capitals. The world famous Terracotta Army built by China’s first emperor was found there.

‘Failed Dioramas’ Show Museum Taxidermy Situated Amongst Common Objects



Berlin-based photographer Louis De Belle’s series Failed Dioramas depicts not quite the inside of a cabinet of curiosities, but the vast amount of its items not yet neatly arranged and presented for public viewing. Like Klaus Pichler’s Skeletons in the Closet, De Belle’s pictures show the behind-the-scenes of a natural history collection—taxidermy in work areas, under sheets, mixed up in the shuffle.

Photographer Collaborates With Her Young Cousin to Tell a Story of Loss and Homecoming




When New York-based photographer Sophie Barbasch visited her 10-year-old cousin Adam two years ago in Brooklin, Maine, he asked her what kinds of pictures she took. Fumbling for the appropriate words, she offered up an obscure description, one that she doubted would make sense to a child. Within a few minutes, he directed her eye to something nearby, something that was perfectly suited to her aesthetic, saying only, “That’s for you.” Since then, Barbasch has felt the currents of an unspoken recognition run between herself and her cousin, casting him as the young hero of her familial fable Fault Line, which also features her older cousin Wes, her brother, and her father.

Dioramas of a Fictional, ‘Dark City’ Have Us Questioning Reality




Photographer Francesco Romoli’s project Dark City was born out of his desire to blur the lines between real and unreal. In creating miniature scenes and dioramas of a fictional city, he constructs a dream-like area where nothing is as it seems, where certainties vanish and definitions are ambiguous.

Photos of Cloned Individuals Depict the ‘Power of Theater in a Still Image’



Daisuke Takakura holds many roles. As an actor, photographer and graphic designer, he drew influence from his own life and work to create Monodramatic, a series about the variousness of an individual.

Heartbreaking Photos Memorialize Photographer’s Long Departed Sister




New York-based photographer Phillip Toledano describes the time following his 9-year-old sister Claudia’s accidental death as a murky one, colored by a fixation with space and the remote celestial bodies that pepper the sky above. For his latest book When I Was Six, he returns to the boy he was then by softly unpacking a box in which his parents had preserved their memories of Claudia, her clothes, her letters, her toys, and other remnants of her life.