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Intimate Photos Take Us Into the Bedrooms of People With Disabilities (NSFW)



For Je t’aime moi aussi, photographer Olivier Fermariello enters the bedrooms of individuals with disabilities, cutting through taboo and rarely discussed topics to reveal the complex sexual identities of his subjects.

Magical Series Captures Best Friends and the Wonders of Adolescence




For Arkai, photographer Bianka Schumann paints a portrait of adolescence, capturing her brother and his best friend as they explore the woods in and surrounding Bóly, a small town in the Hungarian countryside. Born at approximately the same time, the pair grew up side-by-side as neighbors. Fixed with Schumann’s intent and earnest gaze, they engage in quiet rituals that appear at once as child’s play and a concentrated search for adult meaning. In this rustic fairytale landscape, they are protected from the grown-up sphere as they are from the modern, industrial world.

It’s All Lies!: Photographer Expertly Fabricates Evidence of Animals, Plants, Landscapes, Constellations and Religious Practices


The Miracle of Dolphin-Surfing, Joan Fontcuberta © Joan Fontcuberta from Karelia, Miracles & Co, 2002


Cercophitecus Icarocornu from the Fauna series by Joan Fontcuberta and Pere Formiguera, 1985 © Joan Fontcuberta and Pere Formiguera

Scientists recently found fossil evidence of a species closely resembling the mermaid; known as the Hydropithecus, or “water monkey,” the creature is estimated to have lived approximately 18 million years ago. This, of course, is a lie, birthed from the imagination of Catalan photographer Joan Fontcuberta, who over the course of his decades’ long career, has fabricated photographic evidence of fictional animals, plants, landscapes, constellations, and religious practices.

Photo Du Jour: Controlled Burns


Swirling clouds of black, white and grey smoke overwhelm the frame in Kevin Cooley’s Controlled Burns. Deeply inspired by the smoke signals used by the Vatican during the papal conclave, he tried to replicate the formula for the black and white smoke that spouts from the chimney when a new pope is elected.

Whimsical Photos Imagine Everyday Life As a Star Wars Wookiee



For three generations now, the Wookiee has come to represent the wonder of childhood, igniting a burning nostalgia in the hearts of all Star Wars fans. What if, like Han Solo, we people of 21st-century could hang out with a Wookiee companion in our daily lives? Photographer Mako Miyamoto images such a world with the help of a Wookiee mask, in which he outfits friends and family.

Portraits and Life Stories of Beloved Childhood Teddy Bears


Greg’s Bear (age unknown) Height 4”

Belongs to: Bono & Ali Hewson

This little bear is a memory of one of the most incredible men in my life. Greg Carroll became a great friend of myself and Bono in the early 80s. He died at the age of 26 in a motor accident in Dublin in 1986, and he left a giant hole in our lives. Greg was a Maori, and at his tangi a mate of his handed us this one eared teddy bear. It was Greg’s, and it has been with us ever since… a fragment of Greg’s reality gone but never forgotten.

U2′s “One Tree Hill” was written for Greg and all the great men and women whose river reaches the sea too quickly. Greg’s teddy smiles when his good ear hears it played.


Caption/Description: Teddy Tingley (45) Height 5.5”

Belongs to: Nicky Griffin

Teddy Tingley belonged to my oldest brother who gave him to me the day I was born.
I remember when I was 3 years old, we were heading off on holiday by train. I had just settled down in the carriage with my brothers for the journey and as the train started moving I glanced out of the window to see to my horror, teddy sitting on my bundle of comics on the station platform. Thanks to my mum roaring like a mad woman out the window “the teddy!, the teddy!, I just want the teddy!”, some kind person ran with teddy as the train picked up speed, reaching up to the window just in time for Mum to grab him. This mad woman then had to sit down and face the other passengers for the rest of the journey. To hell with them and the comics, teddy was what mattered.

For his book Much Loved, photographer Mark Nixon documents beloved teddy bears treasured by children long into adulthood. Inspired by his young son’s attachment to his Peter Rabbit, Nixon sent a call for a Teddy Day in his studio, with submitted toys ranging from the tender age of five to a wizened one hundred. On the opposite page, the soulful creatures are accompanied by personal stories of loss and recovery, sorrow and joy.

Fun-Filled Portraits of Life After 55 in an Arizona Retirement Community



For Sun City: Life After Life, Los Angeles-based photographer Kendrick Brinson documents an Arizona city catering exclusively to retirees. With an the requirement that all residents be a minimum of fifty-five years old, Sun City houses 42,500 individuals, 10,000 of whom are in their eighties. Far from being a typical old age community, Sun City positively bursts with youthful energy, boasting dozens of recreational activities, including golfing, synchronized swimming, and cheerleading, complete with bedazzled outfits.

Dreamlike Panoramas Taken on Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, the Largest Salt Flat in the World



Bolivia is home to the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world. At just over 4,000 square miles across, the fantastically surreal terrain was created by prehistoric lakes that have long since dried up, leaving a shimmering white crust behind. The region is known to be both enchanting and dangerous, many people getting lost in the expanse. Here weather can create dramatic changes and rain transforms the earth into a reflective pool of endless sky. Photographer Scarlett Hooft Graaflan creates dreamlike panoramas in Salar de Uyuni, using the unearthly location for her images full of color and whimsy.

Photo du Jour: Skinny Dipping at Night


Swedish photographer Johan Larsson often works with a vintage camera, relishing the rich, tactile quality of black and white film. For this shot, he captures his girlfriend skinny-dipping on a markedly balmy evening in the summer of 2012. Larsson’s portraits offer a glimpse into his own inner world, exploring his most intimate relationships. He rarely photographs people with whom he is not personally acquainted.

‘The Umbilical Vein’: A Mother and Daughter Collaborate on Theatrical Portraits For 13 Years


I’m an Old Woman Now, 1996 © memymom


Catwoman Uncensored, 1994 © memymom

For The Umbilical Vein, photography team Memymom, composed of mother Marilène Coolens and daughter Lisa De Boeck, unearth a collection of analog images of De Boeck taken by Coolens over the course of her youth and adolescence. Between the years of 1990 and 2003, the daughter—ranging in age from 5 to 18— performed improvised theatrical scenes for her mother’s camera.