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City Boys Hunting on a Gaming Reserve in Rural Spain



In a world that is increasingly urban-focused, photographer Ricardo Cases documents the niche experience of city-dwellers traveling to the countryside for a holiday full of “real” rural living. In his series La Caza Del Lobo Congelado (“Frozen Wolf Hunt”), Cases spent time photographing at a Spanish gaming reserve, a popular tourist destination for businessmen and others to get a taste of the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt.

The Last Remaining Residents of an Estonian Shanty Town


Tamara on the eve of moving day. She is embittered that the authorities would not let the old people die in peace: “We have created so much beauty here.” Tamara designed and erected the gates made of plastic pipes and rubber hoses herself. Krasota (Splendor)!


Svetlana Ivnitskaya (57) is a most famous resident at Soodevhe shanty town. This spring (2014) she was a popular candidate for European Parliament election. Jobless, Ivnitskaya lives in a house that has no electricity, sharing it with her husband Boris and a goatherd.

In the 1960s just outside of Tallinn, Estonia, workers of a military factory were given free patches of land for people to plant gardens and grow vegetables. The location gradually became a sort of shanty town in the spirit of the Russian “dachas” (a small seasonal house away from the city), while some citizens chose to call it their permanent residence. Photographer Annika Haas captures the fading pieces of this eclectic culture, soon to be paved over in service of the nearby airport. Plane Watchers memorializes the spirit and stories of those who call the dacha district their home, cherishing each and every day until they are forced to leave.

Thought-Provoking Photos of Peruvian Immigrants with their New ‘Families’ and Holding Photos of Relatives They Left Behind





For Frontiers, Chile-based photographer Raul Charlin documents some of the many Peruvian women who have emigrated to Chile to work as caregivers and domestic workers. He constructs two portraits of each woman; the first positions her in relation to her employer’s family, while the second finds her alone, accompanied by a snapshot of the relatives she has left in Peru. For these women, Charlin explains, caring for the children and elderly members from their employers’ families is a means of providing for their own.

Photo du Jour: Shopping in Iran


June 29, 2014 – Shiraz, Iran. A woman shops at Hyperstar, Iran’s first international-style hypermarket, built inside the Persian Gulf Complex, a huge mall built a few kilometers outside Shiraz. Hyperstar plans to open 15 branches by 2015 in 5 different cities.

For Iran’s Booming Consumer Culture, Cambodia-based photographer Thomas Cristofoletti traces the rapid growth of commercialist ideologies within the theocratic state. Here, Cristofoletti presents a resounding counterpoint to a controversial statement made in Cuba by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2012, in which the former president of Iran predicted the impending decline of capitalism, a system that he suggested was at the core of global unrest.

‘Shoppers’ Captures the Diverse Characters Found in a Bristol Mall


“I’m shopping with my boyfriend. We’ve just finished work at a call centre.”


“I look like a bag lady… I am a bag lady!”


“We are on a day out shopping and taking our niece out in her wheelchair for the first time”

For Shoppers, London-based photographer Matthew Murray constructed a temporary studio within Bristol’s Galleries Shopping Mall, inviting its most intriguing characters to sit for brief portrait sessions. Murray is drawn to the nuances of consumerism, and for each of his subjects, he requested a brief explanation for their trip to the mall, uncovering moments of unexpected variety within a setting of the everyday.

‘Brotherhood of Bears’ Portraits Tenderly Capture A Subset of the Gay Male Community (NSFW)


Art and Tony – Cuddling on Air Mattress (Mystic, CT)


Tom’s Back (Dallas, TX)


Pride Flags – Hillside Campgrounds (Gibson, PA)

For Brotherhood of Bears, New York-based photographer Alan Charlesworth offers an intimate glimpse into the world of Bears, a subculture within the LGBT community composed of gay men who pride themselves on their robust stature and brawny masculinity.

Intimate Photos Offer a Glimpse into the Life of a 21-Year-Old Sex Worker (NSFW)


Eden sits with her childhood dolls in her old room in Lancaster, VA.


After Eden services a customer, she takes off her wig to return to her ‘real’ self.

For Eden, Mexico City-based photographer Alicia Vera captures moments in the life of a 21-year-old sex worker living in San Francisco. Vera met Eden three years ago while photographing a project on a strip club, where the 18-year-old had recently begun work. As the photographer began to form an intimate bond with her subject, what started as a wider exploration of women’s rights and female sexuality became a nuanced foray into the experience of one woman.

Captivating Portraits of Drifters That Migrate to the Beaches of San Diego in Winter


Karina and Tex, from Canada and Las Vegas – a couple who met on the road, cuddle one early morning in a park where they camped out for the night. Karina had been traveling for an extended period across Canada then into the US and was continuing on toward Mexico and South America.


Cliff, from Michigan shaves his head near the bay. Cliff was in the military and now lives in San Diego out of his RV.


Randall, from Texas – rests on the boardwalk wall with his lizard. He began his road journey a few months earlier by hitchhiking into a Midwestern blizzard.

For California Winter, Los Angeles-based photographer John Francis Peters enters the ephemeral community of drifters flocking to sunny San Diego in winter, documenting the temporary homes they erect along the oceanfront parks. Throughout the cold, snowy months from November to March, the waves beckon to carloads of spiritual travelers, runaway kids, and enduring nomads, all of whom have shed the confines of a traditional home life for the freedom of the open road.

Photo du Jour: Stargazing in Hawaii


© Jonathan Kingston / National Geographic / Offset

On a quiet evening in April, 2013, Bend, Oregon-based photographer Jonathan Kingston stands at the summit of the Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station in Big Island, Hawaii. As one of the highest mountain peaks in the world, the dormant Mauna Kea, also known as the White Mountain, provides an arresting view of the starry sky, unobscured by the cloud cover that shrouds observatories at lower altitudes.

Unflinching Photos Capture One Photographer’s Struggle with Self-Harm



For The Bearable, photographer Zhe Chen documents her own struggle with self-harm, constructing an indexical account of her years’ long experience with the addiction. After countless months of psychological alienation and a self-inflicted quarantine, the artist was compelled to share her private lamentations publicly, with the visceral confession of her secrets becoming a means of release from isolation.