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Portraits of a Modern-Day Tom Sawyer

Jenny Riffle riley winter beach 001

Jenny Riffle map 001

With a focus on the more storied aspects of her treasure-seeking boyfriend’s life, Seattle-based photographer Jenny Riffle draws a fanciful existence from the real life of Riley for her series Scavenger: Adventures in Treasure Hunting. She photographs Riley on his hunts, photographing his wanderings and the objects he finds and collects. While visions of unearthing riches from beneath piles of junk may spring to mind, fueled by antiques and diggers shows, know that Riley digs for fun. Though he does supplement his income, his scavenging is a hobby, making this more Tom Sawyer than Treasure Island.

Photo Series Questions the Pink-Infused Universe of Little Girls




For My Favorite Color Was Yellow, Bristol-based photographer Kirsty Mackay turns a critical eye to the pink-infused world of little girls, chronicling the influence of ubiquitous color on young women’s sense of her own girlhood and feminine identity.

Photographer Captures Indian Couples’ Stolen Kisses on Valentine’s Day



In India, public canoodling is not only frowned upon but punishable by law, with snogs and embraces deemed obscene by passersby eliciting fines or as many as three months in jail. In a culture where four fifths of marriages are arranged and women are only to be embraced by their husbands in the seclusion of home, the stolen kiss is a rare sight. During his months-long stay in Kalkata, Bucharest-based photographer Dorel Frumusanu observed such endearments only on one day of the year: Valentine’s Day.

Portraits and Life Stories of Men and Women Living in Prison

Locked and Found

Shanika Perkins

CJ5: Manuel White

Manuel White

San Francisco-based photographer Robert Gumpert conceived of Take a Picture, Tell a Story, an audio-visual project for which he collaborated with prison inmates, as a reciprocal transaction. He would shoot their portraits, and in exchange, they would give him a story, a personal anecdote about anything that they felt like sharing, from family to tattoos, jail food to lost friends.

Photographer Shows Us a Day in the Life of Single Elderly Women in NYC


Sonia Goldstein, 86, at the Whitney Museum.


Sonia Goldstein, 86, gets ready to meet a friend for dinner and see a theater play in the Lower East Side.


Claire Gottfried’s nightgowns dry in her bathroom.

For Life Ever After, New York City-based photographer Patrícia Monteiro chronicles the vibrant lifestyles of four widowed or single women aged 86 to 98, each of whom spends her days soaking up all the city has to offer, from dinner parties to the theater, art museums to card games with friends.

Fascinating Portraits of the Warao, One of the Last Remaining Native South American Tribes




Wonderland, the strange inhabitants of The Delta Amacuro is the latest series by photographer Álvaro Laiz, in which he documents the Warao, one of the last remaining indigenous South American people.

Portraits Show the Beauty of At-Risk LGBT Youth in NYC




For New Alternatives, New York-based photographer Joan Lobis Brown creates expressive studio portraits of the city’s at-risk LGBT kids, many of whom have been abused, neglected, or forced out of their homes by their families of origin.

Awe-Inspiring Photos Capture the Majesty of the Himalayan Zoji Pass


© Himanshu Khagta / Offset


© Himanshu Khagta / Offset

The Indian territories of Kashmir and Ladakh are bound by Zoji La, a mountain pass that runs through the Himalayas at an altitude of approximately 11,575 feet. Truckloads of fuel and materials traverse the precarious road from the populous cities into the isolated mountain communities, navigating their way up and down the steep inclines through barriers of snow visible from both side windows.

‘Pregnant in Prison’ Photo Series Documents the Lives of Incarcerated Mothers and Their Children

01 Regina Zodiacal - Pregnant in Prison Prisoners Child Childcar

Regina Zodiacal walks with friends at the California Institution for Women in Chino, Calif. on March 12th, 2013. Zodiacal learned she was pregnant when she was awaiting trial in the Santa Ana county jail. In this photo she is seven months pregnant.

07 Regina Zodiacal - Pregnant in Prison Prisoners Child Childcar

Children are allowed to see their mothers at the visitation center at the prison in Chino. After Regina Zodiacal gave birth to her son Jayden on May 18th, 2013 she did not see him for at least a month because the guardianship paperwork was not complete and he was not an “approved” visitor under prison rules.

Between 2011 and 2012, over two hundred inmates gave birth while incarcerated in the state of California alone. Many of these women were back behind bars only two days later, their infants sent away to live with relatives or in foster care. Photojournalist Mae Ryan set out to document the lives of these pregnant women and new mothers for her series Pregnant in Prison.

Nan Goldin On the Beauty of Childhood

With Eden and After, Nan Goldin shares with us her vision of childhood, those ephemeral early years that linger in the recesses of our memory, punctuated by moments in which pain and joy seem to be felt more acutely—and more honestly—than they do in adulthood. Composed of hundreds of analog snapshots of those children most dear to the artist, including those of family and friends, the book spans more that thirty-five years of babyhood, infancy, and adolescence.