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Adorable Portraits of Puppies Enjoying a Good Shake





For dogs, shaking off can a calming activity, one that relaxes the muscles while getting rid of pesky moisture, bugs, or even negative emotions. For Portland-based photographer Carli Davidson, dogs provide a similar sense of restoration and healing. In the sometimes painful world we live in, our furry friends are always there to remind us of what’s so beautiful, silly, and joyous about life. On the heels of her viral hit SHAKE, in which she captured dogs in the midst of a particularly satisfying shimmy, Davidson presents her new book SHAKE Puppies.

Portraits of Shelter Dogs Resembling Your Favorite Authors and Poets


Charles Bukowski

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens

Charles Pierre Baudelaire

Charles Pierre Baudelaire

When Italian photographer Dan Bannino adopted his dog Rothko from a shelter last March, he was overcome by tears, both for himself and for his new best friend. Rothko’s unconditional love serves as the motivation for Poetic Dogs, in which Bannino couples homeless shelter dogs with his favorite authors and poets. In the adoptable animals, the artist discovers the empathy of Shakespeare, the wit of Joyce, the fortitude of Hemingway, and the soulfulness of Dickinson.

Heartbreaking Photos of Missing Pet Posters in Tokyo


Phiphi: Body is so small, it is worried about not being attacked by crows and cats


Unknown: The white hand on forehead

For Pets, Tokyo-based photographer Kuraya Takashi catalogs some of the hundreds of “missing” pet posters that line the city streets. In photographing each each weather-beaten sign up close, he asks that we recognize the acute meaning these ordinary and inexpensively-made documents, each of which holds the image of a beloved and lost friend.

Photographer Captures Stunning Movements of Siamese Fighting Fish



When Bangkok based photographer Visarute Angkatavanich was young, his father gave him Betta fish to keep as pets. Watching how they move three dimensionally, he remembers feeling mesmerized by the beautiful, multicolored creatures. And as any curious and imaginative child might wonder, how is it they can they breathe in water, while other animals cannot? This early experience with Betta fish sparked a life-long interest in the animal.

Playful Portraits of Hipsters Wearing Beards Made of Furry Critters



It’s November, or as some like to call it “No Shave November,” the four weeks of the year in which citizens are invited to let their beards grow long in hopes of raising awareness about prostate cancer. During the hairiest month of the year, we return to the ad campaign that swept the world this summer: Schick’s “Free Your Skin,” a series of images men sporting beards that have morphed into fluffy ferrets of all shapes and colors.

Chameleon Skin


© Martin Rügner / Westend61 / Offset

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Farm Family Portrait


© Julia Christe / fStop / Offset

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Magical Photos Capture the Lives of Working Dogs in New Zealand


Leader of the Pack, 2014


Over the Mountain, 2014


The Cave, 2014

For The Shepherd’s Realm: Volume III, photographer Andrew Fladeboe captures New Zealand’s courageous working dogs, tracing the historical threads that connect them to the verdant farms and steep hills of the country’s South Island.

One Stubborn Goat


© Breanna Peterson / Offset

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Adorable Photos of Birds Inspired by Children’s Storybooks

BIRDS Zack Seckler 04

BIRDS Zack Seckler 06

For Birds, New York-based photographer Zack Seckler relives his childhood fascination with animals, constructing fantastical scenes in which the winged creatures play, preen, and explore. In his youth, he was transfixed by textbooks about wild beasts, and his thirst for the animal kingdom remained unsatisfied by the routine trip to the zoo. Here, he visualizes those boyish reveries, grounding his fanciful visions firmly within the tradition of naturalist John James Audubon and primitivist Henri Rousseau.