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Delightful Photos of Dogs Eating Peanut Butter



It all started with Bailey, a velvety rescue dog who salivated at just the thought of peanut butter. Years ago, in an attempt to get her to take the perfect photograph, Bailey’s human, Cleveland-based photographer Greg Murray, bribed her with her favorite treat, and accidentally embarked on what would become the international sensation For the Love of Peanut Butter.

Portraits of Dogs Reveal Just How Ridiculous They Think Humans Are


Yeah Right



For German photographer Elke Vogelsang, dogs can be just as expressive as humans, but unlike mankind, they don’t posture for the camera. Dogs questioning the photographer’s sanity is a collection of candid bloopers taken over the course of her many canine photo shoots; in her own words, it’s her “homage to dogs” and to their sense of humor, their curiosity, and most of all, their quintessential dogginess.

‘Childhood in the Raw’: the Poetry and Pain of Growing Up




“My memories are of running barefoot, building tree huts, and raiding our veggie garden,” says New Zealand-based Niki Boon of her early years coming of age on her parents’ farm. Now a mother herself, she makes her home along the a rolling ten acres of bucolic hinterland, through which her children dance in tandem with the steady flow of nearby rivers.

Cecil the Lion Remembered In Bittersweet Photos


This is Cecil when he had twenty or more lions in his family. Here, a lioness pays her respects. October 21, 2012.


This image was taken on the last morning that Brent ever saw Cecil. He and Jericho were interested in something on the other side of the railway line. May 27, 2015.

“On the left is full protection, and on the right is danger,” says photographer and lion researcher Brent Stapelkamp of the railway line that borders Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. In the summer of 2015, Cecil the 13-year-old Katanga lion was lured onto the wrong side of the tracks, where he was killed, skinned, and decapitated by a trophy hunter. Stapelkamp had tracked Cecil for nearly a decade, and long after media attention moved away from the famous lion, it was the researcher who stayed amongst his pride.

These Dogs Love to Cha-Cha with Their Owners


Mari Aynn & Garden


Sandy & Bliss and Jerry & Diva

All dogs, suggests Spanish photographer Bego Antón, have the ability to dance; it’s just a matter of giving them the stage. In the universe of Musical Canine Freestyle, dogs and their humans collaborate to perform hand-in-paw, with dogs bounding through the air, sidestepping, weaving or otherwise defying the bounds what we once thought possible on four legs. For these precious minutes, canine kind and mankind are equals, best friends, working together to create something that is entirely unique to their bond.

Adventures of Taxidermy Animals by Lynn Savarese

Lynn Savarese

Lynn Savarese

The first body of work by New York photographer Lynn Savarese that I saw was My Still Life Aviary, a collection of taxidermy birds photographed in a traditional still life manner. But it was Savarese’s unique, imaginative series The Death and Life Adventures of Rat and Indigo Bunting that kept me on her portfolio website, trying to make sense of the scenes in which the mounts of a rat, birds, dogs, squirrels, and other animals found themselves.

A Rescue Dog Becomes a Brave Lion in These Magical Photos



German photographer Julia Marie Werner first met the scruffy golden dog when she discovered him in her garbage, hunting for small scraps of food. She was visiting Spain for work, and as a man approached the dog hoping to frighten him away, he looked up at her with a pair of searching eyes. In that moment, he reminded her of Simba from The Lion King, and she couldn’t bring herself to leave him behind.

The Hilarious Winners of the Comedy Wildlife Awards Prove that Animals Have a Sense of Humor

WINNER Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Winner – 2015 “Rush Hour” © Julian Rad.

What you looking at? I've almost got it...

Bronze Runner-up “Nearly got it” © Oliver Dreike

It's not funny.. I've got cramp in my flipper!

Highly Commended “It’s not funny… I’ve got a cramp in my flipper!” © Julie Hunt

When asked whether animals have a sense of humor, wildlife photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam respond in one word, “Completely!!!” with three exclamation points. They’ve seen it firsthand while crawling in the grass and hiding in the bushes. They’ve watched leopard cubs romp about the terrain, and they’ve seen alpha lions soften in the presence of their young. “From the smallest antelope to the oldest silver back,” says Sullam, every creature has his own kind of wit and playfulness.

Photojournalist Cristina Mittermeier on Conservation, Hope, and What It Means to Take Pictures that Matter (Sponsored)


The fluke of a humpback glistens with the amber light of sunset in the northern fjords of Norway, where these marine mammals gather in large numbers to feed on the abundant herring schools that enter the fjords to overwinter. Shot using the Sony a7R mirrorless camera


A baby harp seal, born just a few days ago, eyes me suspiciously under the full moon in Iles de la Madeleine, Quebec, Canada. At night, the harp seal mothers head into the holes they have dug on the ice to feed while they leave their babies alone for a few hours. Shot using the Sony a77 II mirrorless camera

British Columbia-based photojournalist Cristina Mittermeier has plunged into the depths of the seas of Madagascar and the Brazilian Amazon, climbed the mountains of Hunan and South America. She’s witnessed the caves of the ancient Maya civilization, where she swam amongst the remains of human beings who traversed the very same land thousands of years earlier.

Sweet Photos of a Man and His Best Friend, A Giant Dog



For Minnesota-based photographer Chris Cline, his dog Juji is more than his best friend; he’s his guardian.

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