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Portraits of Traditional Mongolian Nomads by Brian Hodges


Mongolia – July 17, 2013: Mongolian family traveling by a motorcycle © Brian Hodges / Offset


Mongolia – July 22, 2013: Mongolian man with a little fawn © Brian Hodges / Offset

Driven by what he describes as his “insatiable curiosity,” Santa Barbara-based photographer Brian Hodges is continuously reaching towards terra incognita, always in search of forming connections with unexplored landscapes and peoples. For Assouline’s upcoming book Gypset Living, he documented life in the traditional nomadic communities of Mongolia and lived himself in a traditional Mongolian ger. These families, he explains, migrate based on the season and the needs of their animals, who require ample grazing space and safeguarding from extreme temperatures.

The Birds


© Alan Gastelum / Offset

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Melancholy Photos of Animals in ‘Natural’ Zoo Environments

Eric Pillot

Eric Pillot

Parisian photographer Eric Pillot’s In Situ is a series of more than 60 images of animals in their zoo environments. The photographs remind me of geometric, abstract art or color field paintings, the animals somewhat of an afterthought in the composition, but still fundamental. Some of the environments pictured are off-putting.

Elephant Love


© Johnér / Offset

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Photos Tell the Sad Story of Stray Dogs Dumped at ‘Dead Dog Beach’ in Puerto Rico



There are 250,000 stray dogs in Puerto Rico. Many of these dogs have been dumped at Dead Dog Beach, an isolated area located on the South-East coast. Locals call the strays ‘satos,’ and view them as a nuisance. Sadly, the dogs here live out their short lives filled with neglect and abuse. Photographer Sophie Gamand has travelled to Dead Dog Beach multiple times over a year and a half with Chrissy Beckles, founder of The Sato Project, an organization that provides food, fresh water, vet care and seeks to find new homes for these animals in New York. Gamand documents her experiences here in an attempt to raise awareness of the abuse and suffering of these neglected ‘satos.’

Photo du Jour: The Great Wildebeest Migration


© Mark Bridger / Offset

In Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kent-based photographer Mark Bridger captures a throng of wildebeest as they plummet into the Mara River from the elevated land. This is the Great Wildebeest Migration, a perilous journey undertaken by approximately one and a half million wildebeests and several hundred thousand gazelles and zebras annually.

A Sphynx Jumping on the Bed


© Galeries / Offset

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‘Sleeping with the Devil:’ Photos Capture a Struggle Between Big Oil and the Native Populations of Alberta



For Sleeping with the Devil, photographer Aaron Vincent Elkaim traces the cultural and environmental conflicts wrought by major oil companies along the landscape of Northern Alberta and the Athabasca River, along which Native American communities once flourished.

Irresistible Portraits of Furry and Feathered Creatures with Their Backs to the Camera

Elisa Noguera Lopez

Elisa Noguera Lopez

Elisa Noguera Lopez is a London artist whose photographs feature objects and living things stripped of instrumentality, functionality, and identity. These objects sometimes include animals, amorphous rodents obscured from behind and chickens with their heads cut off, so to speak, the choice of textiles in the background standing in for nature.

An Up Close and Personal Survey of the Tiny Critters in American Backyards

Joshua White

Joshua White

I was attracted to Joshua White’s project, A Photographic Survey of the American Yard, upon first glance, but I really fell in love with the impressively comprehensive series while carefully going through the massive amount of pictures. White lives and works in Boone, North Carolina, and his survey consists of over 400 images, all cataloging the various flora and fauna of the typical backyard.