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Photo du Jour: Dog Meets Dandelion (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Michael Northrup

Spring is undoubtedly here, as it was back in 2001 when Baltimore-based photographer and Squarespace user Michael Northrup pulled out his first pro-digital camera and snapped this quirky shot on a walk in the park with his dog Phoebe. Northrup has always enjoyed superimposing objects in front of or behind something else, amused by the compression of space that photography allows for. In the case of dog meets dandelion, he tells us this shot was “a case of serendipity, and, as usual, it’s not preconceived—it’s discovered.”

Check out more of Northrup’s work on his Squarespace site.

Photo du Jour: A Stunning Stallion With Hair To Die For (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Marc Vonstein

After a 16 year career in fashion photography, Squarespace user Marc Vonstein shifted his focus to animals—more specifically horses, and has combined his new subject matter with a sensibility not forgotten from the fashion world. Here he captures Nanos, a Haflinger (stallion) during an international Haflinger stallion show in Lubbeek, Belgium. Vonstein jokes that Nanos was busy styling his hair for the photo—we do admit, he does look fabulous.

Check out more of Vonstein’s horse photography on his Squarespace site.

Photo du Jour: Clever X-Ray of a Dog Waiting for His Owner’s Arrival


Dog Waiting

When Brooklyn-based photographer David Arky is not shooting conceptual still life, he turns his attention to x-ray photography. Here he captures an inside look at man’s best friend patiently awaiting his owner’s arrival. Of the x-ray process, Arky tells us: “Making x-ray images differs from conventional photography in the sense that the x-ray camera is actually the light source. 100,000 volts of electricity excite the x-ray tube as wavelengths pass through the object and its image is recorded on a sheet of film that lies beneath it. Objects are captured life size on the 14 x 17 inch sheets of film. When an object is larger than that, it has to be shot on multiple sheets and combined in retouching.” Based on his description of the process, Arky confirms that Dog Waiting was captured on multiple sheets of film.

The ‘One-Dog Policy’ Photo Series Looks at Lonely Canines



If ever there is a presence imbued with the spirit of our homes, it would be our pets. Photographer Maija Astikainen draws a portrait of the furry lords of the urban domicile in her series One-Dog Policy.

Photo du Jour: Hummingbirds Mid-Flight and Pre-Sugar (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Nils Ericson

Brooklyn-based photographer and Squarespace user Nils Ericson captures a duo of hummingbirds mid-flight and pre-nectar as they hover around an enticing feeder at a friend’s farm in South Carolina. Ericson says he knew he wanted to photograph the hummingbirds after admiring them many a morning while drinking coffee on the porch. Figuring that his camera wasn’t fast enough with the available sunlight to capture those furiously flapping wings, Ericson decided to light the scene with two strobes he placed at a 45 degree angle. As the birds circled the feeder, he periodically pressed the shutter, rendering this whimsical result.

See more of Ericson’s work on his Squarespace site.

A Vision of Hope: Shelter Animals Star in Magical Photo Montages

Sarolta Ban

Sarolta Ban

Budapest, Hungary-based photographer Sarolta Bán has been busy at work on her recent project, Help Dogs with Images. Bán’s project is an attempt to find owners for abandoned animals by increasing visibility of existing sheltered animals through photography. Via her Facebook page, Bán asks people to send her photos of dogs, cats or other animals that are currently in shelters. She then creates photo montages from these images, Photoshopping animals in majestic and fantastically splendid settings where the pet takes center stage.

Photos Reveal An Imaginary World of Miniature Animals

Andrea Buzzichelli

Andrea Buzzichelli

Much of America’s population is probably pretty tired of snow, but I’ve been enjoying looking at these soft, snowy pictures by the Italian artist Andrea Buzzichelli. I always think photographs that play with scale and perspective are fun, but there’s also something really sad about these photos to me. 

Photo du Jour: Circus Cats Backstage

 Rene van der Hulst

We’re not gonna lie, we were worried this was some sort of kitty vending machine, but it’s actually a shot of a cat’s version of backstage, captured by Amsterdam-based photographer Rene van der Hulst back in 2002 at the Hoogvliet Circus near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The cats were part of an act by a dwarf duo that had trained the cats to do a myriad of tricks. Van der Hulst happened upon the stars of the show just before going onstage, and was quite taken by the surreal nature of these felines waiting to perform—he assured us, too, that these little guys only spent a short time in their backstage quarters.

From Birth to Death to Dinner Table: Photographer Documents the Lives of Horses in Japan

Hajime Kimura

Hajime Kimura

Tokyo-based photographer Hajime Kimura didn’t have an easy time finding a slaughterhouse that would allow him to photograph on the premises. With his project Tracks, Kimura’s aim was to show all aspects of the uses of horses in Japan. For this, he needed to photograph in a slaughterhouse because horse is eaten in Japan.

Artist Sexes Up and Satirizes Trophy Hunters

Hester Jones

Hester Jones

London-based artist Hester Jones‘ work combines culturally constructed, gendered identities in patriarchal society and human and animal relationships. Her newest series, You Take My Breath Away, investigates both of these subjects in an imaginative way.