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‘Flying Dogs’ Have the Time of Their Lives

Amy © Julia Christe

Scotch © Julia Christe

It all started with a dog named Flinn and his frisbee. His owner, photographer Julia Christe, set out to capture in an instant the unbridled joy of playing dogs like Flinn, and after quite a lot of shenanigans with dozens of canines, Flying Dogs was born.

Enchanted Memories from a Farm in the Midwest



“The farm was my giant playground,” photographer Tamie Steffen-Hornstein remembers of a childhood spent in rural Southwest Minnesota. She spent her days in the treehouse, on her raft in the creek, or working beside her father.

Photos of the Darkness Inside a Child’s Imagination



When you’re little, most everything is frightening, especially the darkness and whatever might lurk therein. As an adult, photographer Stavros Stamatiou stepped back into the abyss of his childhood memories, wandering alone in the night throughout the ancient Grecian land beside his home.

These ‘Shop Cats’ In Hong Kong Will Make You Smile


© Marcel Heijnen, ‘Hong Kong Shop Cats’ #5, Hong Kong 2016, Courtesy Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong


© Marcel Heijnen, ‘Hong Kong Shop Cats’ #18, Hong Kong 2016, Courtesy Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong

After decades of living with cats, Dutch photographer Marcel Heijnen found himself in Hong Kong without one to call his own. Then he met Dau Ding. And Ah Dai, and Siu Faa, and Fei Zai, the shop cats of the Sai Ying Pun and Sheung Wan neighborhoods.

Hunting Culture Revealed in Honest and Unflinching Photos


The Hungry Moon © Andrea Tese


Bone Saw © Jesse Burke


Hermannstadt I © Michael Tummings

Take Aim, a photographic exhibition exploring hunting culture, isn’t meant to be comfortable. For curator William LeGoullon, who is neither for nor against hunting, it’s a study in contradictions.

The Astonishing Feats of Jumping Cats



The pictures arrive in my email inbox in a mysterious folder titled simply “meow.” Inside, there are exactly twelve photographs of twelve different felines bounding through the air. This is Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek’s jumping cats calendar.

Photos of a Greek Island in a Time Before Time





Petros Koublis rewrites old myths. The Greek photographer has traversed the craggy terrain of Athens, Santorini, and Marathon in search of echoes left behind by the ancient bards and dreamers.

Most recently, he made his way to Tinos, where according to The Odyssey by Homer, the hero Ajax was said to have drowned a violent death in the wake of the Battle with Troy, having incurred the wrath of the gods Athena and Poseidon.

Rescue Kittens Take Flight in New Photo Book





The life of a homeless kitten can be tough, but thanks to California photographer Seth Casteel, some special rescue cats were given a chance to have some fun and play.

One Photographer’s Love Letter to Her Elderly Dog



Benny was Catherine Panebianco’s first dog. Well, she’d had dogs as a child, but Benny was the first who was just for her and her husband. Every morning, he drank the milk at the bottom of her cereal bowl. She took him for two walks each day, and when she stopped petting him, he’d put his paw over her hand to ask for more.

Mythology and the everyday collide in these images of bovidae



“My life has been one of roaming as my family relocated many times ” says photographer R. J. Kern, who is finally putting down roots in Minneapolis. Something he felt needed amending was the awareness that he was yet to feel any real connection with a place enough to call it home. “Over the years the roaming has evolved into seeking” says the artist. Over the past five years he travelled to Norway, Germany, Ireland and Iceland to “investigate his ancestral, pastoral roots”. Upon arriving in these countries he noticed the way in which the people and their environment supported bovidae: goats, sheep and rams. “The hoofed animals are both banal and mythical” says R. J. Kern, who found that he shared a special affinity with these animals which, like him, spent most of their life on the move. Divine Animals: The Bovidae is the result of R. J. Kern’s attempt to interpret the world by making connections.

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