Welcome to Miss Muslimah, a Beauty Pageant for Muslim Women


Finalists have a last meal during preparations for the Grand Finale on November 21st, 2014


Fatma Ben Guefrache of Tunisia is crowned Muss Muslimah 2014 at The Grand Finale of the Miss Muslimah World Competition on November 21st, 2014.


The World Muslimah Award is unlike any other beauty pageant in the world, substituting headscarfs for bathing suits, spiritual piety for baton twirling, and a jury of orphaned children for a set of celebrity panelists. In 2014, Istanbul-based photojournalist Monique Jaques ventured to Yogakarta, Indonesia, where the competition of eighteen young hopefuls unfolded against a backdrop in which Islamic mosques stood alongside Buddhist and Hindu temples.

Offbeat Portraits of German LARP (Live Action Role-Play) Enthusiasts




Live Action Role-Play, suggests German photographer Felix von der Osten, is a kind of theater wherein there are no distinctions between actors and audience members. For Alter Ego, he tells the story of this unusual game that allows players to travel backwards and forwards in time, transforming into gallant Medieval knights, unyielding monarchs, and survivors of a faraway apocalypse.

Adolescent Beauty Captured In Evocative Images of Children Swimming in the Sea




Photographer and military wife Deb Schwedhelm is no stranger to relocation. Every few years, she packs up her family, three children in tow, and moves to a new state, country, or continent. She takes each new setting as an opportunity to pause and reflect, exploring herself as a photographer and artist. While living in Florida, close to the sea, she decided to venture into underwater photography. The resulting series, From the Sea, beautifully captures her children and friends immersed in water, an allegory to their lives, shifting and moving with the tides.

Fascinating Portraits Document the Devotees of Father Divine, an African American Spiritual Leader


15 Minutes Until the Banquet Is Rung

Love Child with Father and Mother Divine.Kristin Bedford

Love Child with Father and Mother Divine


Father’s Estate, “The Mountain of the House of the Lord”

Meet the devotees of the “The International Peace Mission Movement,” a group of followers to Father Divine, a figure they believe to be God. The movement began in Harlem during the 1930s and attracted thousands of followers, states Kristin Bedford, who spent five weeks living with and photographing the community of Father Divine in an estate outside of Philadelphia. The movement’s abiding faith and dedication despite their dwindling numbers and aging followers captivated her attention to document their traditions. Bedford describes, “My visit felt like a special intersection of time, history, and devotion. I had the chance to experience their traditions before they fade away. With these photographs I hope to offer glimpses of a mysterious and enduring faith.”

A Deeply Human Glimpse at One Woman’s 120 Pound Weight Loss Through Gastric Bypass Surgery



For Metamorphosis, Barcelona-based photographer Alessandro Vincenzi tells the story of Sandra, a vivacious young woman, who at the age of thirty-one, made the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery as treatment for morbid obesity.

Photographer Traverses the Frozen Wilderness, Comes Back with Ethereal, Dreamlike Images

tundra 012

ArcticDreams2 001

ArcticDreams5 001

For Alaskan photographer Acacia Johnson, traversing the Far North signifies a homecoming, a return to the curiosity and awe she felt as a young child for the icy wilderness. For Polaris, named for the North Star, the photographer camps and hikes across Alaska and Iceland, chasing down the elusive threads of belonging that bind her to the inhospitable terrain.

Happy Father’s Day: 26 Photos that Capture the Bond Between Dad and Child


© Phyllis B. Dooney


© Franziska Rieder

9-12-13 scans 002

© Aaron Wax

For our latest group show, we invited you to share your photographs on the theme of fatherhood. Curated by Alison Zavos, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, at Feature Shoot, this collection captures the nuances both of what it means to be and what it means to have a dad. When submissions were rolling in for this group show, one photographer sent me a nice note saying that because he was himself a father and because he had always been on the other side of the camera, he possessed only images of motherhood; something about this casual statement paradoxically cut to the core of fatherhood, to the ways in which fathers shape our childhoods, even when they linger just out of frame in the family photo albums. These images document some of the small precious in-between instants—the everyday happenings that fall between birthdays and family reunions—in which fathers make us who we are. As Umberto Eco famously put it in Foucault’s Pendulum, “What we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.” Happy Father’s Day!

Congratulations to top three winners Phyllis B. Dooney, Franziska Rieder, and Aaron Wax, who will receive a one year subscription to Squarespace, an online publishing platform designed with photographers in mind. With award-winning design, domains, commerce, hosting, and 24/7 support, Squarespace helps photographers discover more ways to market themselves and expand their business. New subscribers to Squarespace can now use the code “FS15″ to receive 10% off their website. Click here to start a free 14-day trial.

‘Portrait of a Quiet Girl’ Captures the Struggle of Isolation and Self-Expression



Self-expression, isolation and madness are some of the themes explored in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s famous short story The Yellow Wallpaper. The protagonist, a nameless woman who has been imprisoned in a small bedroom by her husband, struggles over her illness and powerlessness while becoming increasingly absorbed by her meagre surroundings. Photographer Chrissie White, in collaboration with her friend and artist, Elvia Carreon, created the series, Portrait of a Quiet Girl, in reaction to the themes touched on in Gilman’s story.

Juergen Teller’s Food Photography for the Hotel Il Pellicano


Food No.15, Hotel Il Pellicano 2010


Food No.113, Hotel Il Pellicano 2010

German photographer Juergen Teller first met Marie-Louise Sciò, creative director at Hotel Il Pellicano, through fashion house heiress Margherita Missoni, and so began a friendship and collaboration that was to play out along the coast on Tuscany. Set along a cliff hanging above the Tyrrhenian Sea, Hotel Il Pellicano has for fifty years been a treasured sanctuary of the elite, from royals and heirs to designers like Emilio Pucci, Hollywood icons like Sophie Loren, Charlie Chaplin, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. to literary figures like Angelika Taschen. For the cookbook Eating at Hotel Il Pellicano, Teller photographed the creations dreamt up in the retreat’s kitchen by chef Antonio Guida, who won the restaurant two Michelin stars throughout his time there.

Photographers Tom Windeknecht, Christopher Lange, Peter Lambert, Jenny Schweber, and Joaquin Trujillo Take Over Our Instagram


Tom Windeknecht [@tomwindeknecht] / June 18, 19


Christopher Lange [@cinepaint] / June 20, 21

It’s summertime, and our latest lineup of Guest Instagrammers will start off under the sunny skies of Redlands, California with Tom Windeknecht. From there, we’ll hop on over to Minnesota with Christopher Lange before jetting off to Western Australia with Peter Lambert. We will then see the sites of Tel Aviv through the eyes of Jenny Schweber, and conclude our week traveling in Zacatecas, Mexico alongside Joaquin Trujillo. Follow along!