Photos of a Florida Trailer Park Home to Retired Couples From Quebec


Benoit et Suzanne, from the series Snowbirds, 2012


Gilles, from the series, Snowbirds, 2012

For Snowbirds, Montreal-based photographer Mika Goodfriend documents the abundant world contained within Pompano Beach’s Breezy Hill, a small trailer and RV park on the Florida seaside. Home to a thriving community of retired couples from Quebec, the intimate setting fosters a close bond between the families and their shared place of origin.

The Negative Collection Sells Prints from Found Vintage Negatives


A rare color slide of Duke Ellington


A woman in postwar Denmark walking through an open air market

Native New Yorker Matthew Salacuse is successful editorial and documentary photographer. When not shooting celebrities or high-profile commercial clients, Salacuse spends his time accumulating old negatives and slides that have been lost or abandoned by their original owners. Sifting through thousands of images, he has chosen the best to sell as limited edition prints on his site The Negative Collection. The shop is brimming with unique finds, each one a fascinating or surprising glimpse into a stranger’s history. We asked Salacuse about his inspiration behind the project and had him share some of his most recent acquisitions.

Arresting Photos Capture Childhood Fear and Wonder


© Johan Entchev / Offset


© Johan Entchev / Offset

In his highly contrasted black and white images, Helsinki, Finland-based photographer Johan Entchev dreams up a world a childhood anxiety and wonderment. In photographing his sons, whom he has documented since they were born, he abandons objective realities for subjective desire, always viewing the children partly obscured as if through a veil of adult nostalgia.

Photo du Jour: The Lone Bison


For Mythology, photographer Luke Casey explores our national identity through the lens of Montana’s historic Yellowstone National Park. Examining the nuances of the folklore and traditional narratives that color our sense of America, he offers a portrait of home and country that is both gripping and unidealized, expressive yet sober.

Photos of the Anachronistic British Island Territories in the South Atlantic Seas

Jon Tonks

Stanley Infant & Junior School Pupils, the Falkland Islands. 

Jon Tonks

Calshot Harbor is the only way on or off Tristan da Cunha (2012 pop. 259). The harbor is too small for ships to dock, and the weather in the South Atlantic often prevents disembarkation onto smaller boats. In such cases, ships are forced to drop anchor offshore and wait for the weather to improve. This image shows a pontoon heading out to offload essential supplies from the MV Baltic Trader.

Relics of the British colonial empire, four smallish islands sprinkled around the South Atlantic, gave Bath-based photographer Jon Tonks plenty of subject matter for Empire, his project on the post-colonial territories. Empire, published by Dewi Lewis, is a present-day portrait of the lives and people of Ascension Island, Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena, and the slightly more famous Falkland Islands, yet much of what Tonks portrays seems like it could have been photographed decades past, which is part of what is so appealing about this project.

Arresting Dystopian South African Cityscapes Merge Fantasy with Reality


Langa Longer Shopping Mall



For Con/struct, photographer Justin Plunkett blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, creating towering South African cityscapes from photographs layered with three-dimensional animations. In these immense metropolises, the imagined allure of economic success meets the cruel realities of urban disrepair, with each frame seamlessly merging shots of Cape Town’s impoverished neighborhoods with unlikely icons of great wealth and prosperity, including features associated with opulent Cape Dutch architecture.

National Geographic Photographer Alex Treadway Shares His Stories of Adventure and World Travel


Band-e Amir, Afghanistan


With an insatiable desire for travel and remote destinations, National Geographic’s Alex Treadway explores the wide and wonderful world with camera in hand. The British photographer has travelled to dozens of countries on assignment, including four years in Nepal where he worked on Base Camp, a series of sweeping images at the foot of Mount Everest. Aside from shooting extensively for National Geographic, Treadway’s client list includes GEO Special, Outside, Action Asia and many others. Whether trekking through Pakistan or hiking up a mountain range, Treadway not only photographs exotic locations, but truly experiences the land, culture and people who live there. We spoke with him about his favorite adventures and why Squarespace settles all of his anxiety about building his own website.

Vintage Portraits Depict the Love and Pride of Gay People

The Invisibles book

The Invisibles book

The Invisibles: Vintage Portraits of Love and Pride, published by Rizzoli, is a beautiful depiction of the obvious: homosexual people have been leading the same lives as heterosexuals, as much as possible while still experiencing varying degrees of persecution and prejudice—and turning the camera on themselves, as anyone with a camera does, to depict their own lives.

Photo du Jour: Summer Swimming in NYC


© New York On Air / Offset

August is the month when everyone takes a vacation. If you are one of the unlucky ones to be stuck in the city (with all the lovely tourists), maybe you should check out one of NYC’s public pools. In this aerial image, we see the city not as a concrete jungle but as a perfect blue waterscape, a refreshing oasis in which to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Though densely populated, the pool is strikingly vast, an enchanting manmade lake to be explored.

New York On Air specializes in aerial photography spanning the landscape of the city. With a team of helicopter pilots and aviation professionals, they are able to capture New York in unexpected and captivating ways.

This photo and many others from New York On Air’s portfolio are available through Offset, a new curated collection of high-end commercial and editorial photography and illustration from award-winning artists around the world.

Surreal Interpretations of Womanhood Photographed by Marjorie Salvaterra



Drawing inspiration from her own life, photographer Marjorie Salvaterra has created a series of black and white tableaus of women that look a lot like a scenes out of an Italian film. These woman are HER. Through exaggerated gestures and surreal interpretations she explores the complexities of life, gender and age, that come together to reflect a universal idea of womanhood.