Turn-of-the-Century Photographs Capture the Midnight Rituals of Wild Animals


George Shiras, Lynx, Loon Lake, Ontario, Canada, 1902 © National Geographic Creative Archives.


George Shiras, Three white-tailed deer, Michigan, circa 1893-1898 © National Geographic Creative Archives.

A female deer sits on the river banks along Lake Superior as a canoe passes her by, a kerosine lamp lighting the way. In the boat sits George Shiras, a lawyer by day who come nightfall, flees into the mist-shrouded wilderness in search of the many furry souls who run hither and thither across the shadowy terrain. The year is 1889, and Shiras is doing something no one thus far in the history of photography has dared attempt: he’s documenting the midnight rituals of wild animals.

Lost Souls Are Found in These Deeply Personal Portraits of Slab City Residents


Charlotte, 2008


Tahlina, 2007


“Insane Wayne,” 2007

It’s over 100 degrees, and flies fill the dusty desert terrain. Homeless dogs wanter about, trying to sniff out a bite to eat amongst the trailer and camper homes set up for the resident families, retirees, and nomads. Without electricity or running water, the community runs on generators. It’s a quiet place, but there’s laughter here. The youngsters gather ‘round an older man named Mike, who tells the best stories. This is how Colorado-based photographer Teri Havens remembers Slab City, where years ago, she spent her days amongst a group strangers who soon became forever friends.

‘Under-Cats’ Offers A Fresh Perspective On the Cute Cat Photo



Andrius Burba combined his two passions — cats and photography — into one insightful photo series during the International Cat Show, which was recently held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

But instead of capturing cats in traditional poses, Burba opted to photograph them from underneath for his series, Under-Cats. 

The Vast and Ghostly Landscape of ‘Britain’s Only Desert’



“I am struck by the emptiness, the exhaustion, the excess of weather and although a small number of people live and work on the Ness, I chose not to notice them. The area feels out of synch, self-contained and beyond conventions, all of which I find surprisingly liberating.” – Robert Walker

The Fifth Continent is Manchester-based photographer Robert Walker’s series of photographs exploring the bizarre landscape of Dungeness, which is located on the coast of Kent, South East England. This desolate 3-mile peninsula of land which stretches out into the English Channel, was classified “Britain’s only desert” by the Met office and is listed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, home to a unique and heavily concentrated diversity of wildlife. In terms of our conventional images of deserts, Dungeness doesn’t exactly fit, yet a key attraction of the place is the sheer bleakness of its landscape – a vast, echoing flatness on which stands two nuclear power stations, and where the decrepit fishing huts and railway carriages converted into basic dwellings lie scattered across the beach. Every now and then, the air is disturbed by the ghostly whistles of the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway train drifting across the empty expanse.

5 Reasons More Photographers Are Choosing Squarespace (Sponsored)


Jessica Pettway‘s Squarespace website

When it comes to websites, it’s safe to say that photographers are held to a higher standard. While other businesspeople can sometimes get away with looking less than polished online, image is everything in the world of photography, and if even the most expertly shot portfolio isn’t presented in an attractive way, it won’t leave a lasting impression.

Light Transforms the City of Beirut in Graphic Black and White Photographs

Serge Najjar 9

Serge Najjar 6

It takes a special kind of photographer to show us a city in a different light. And Lebanese photographer Serge Najjar has managed to do just this, focusing his lens on his home city of Beirut to bring out the stunning contrasts of light and dark in his series The Architecture of Light.

17 Photographers Reveal the Hardest Life Lesson They Learned When Starting Out


Photographer Ami Vitale with a rhinoceros friend

Ami Vitale: Failure is a tough lesson. It hurts but the best thing that comes out of it is the honesty it brings.

Flora Borsi Takes Self-Portraits with the Eyes of Animals in Her Series, ‘Animeyed’

Flora Borsi Animeyed

Flora Borsi Animeyed

In her compelling series Animeyed, Budapest-based artist Flora Borsi combines the art of self-portraits with a fun quirkiness that turns each image into a work of surrealism.

Fetish Artists, Drag Queens, and Burlesque Stars Photographed Around the World




Boom Boom

When night falls and the suits and ties have all been tucked away, a magical world emerges from the darkness, setting the cities of London, Berlin, Paris, New York, Las Vegas, LA, and San Francisco ablaze as the rest of the world sleeps. This is the realm of the night performer, the drag queen or king, the burlesque dancer, the fetish artist, and now of LA-based photographer Samantha Fielding, who has devoted three years of her life to telling the stories of the world’s most gifted and ingenious underground personalities.

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