Photos Dare You to Imagine a World where Mars Is Just Another Tourist Hot Spot




Imagine a world where Mars was just another tourist hot spot; a place we visited to get away from the hustle and bustle of Earth. French photographer Julien Mauve believes this idea isn’t too far fetched. Thanks to NASA and Space X, he imagines humans will walk on Mars in the next 50 years. He sought out to create a series that considers the idea of space exploration and the uncovering of a new world, just like Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America some 500 years ago. Greetings from Mars investigates what it might be like for the average person to visit new and uncharted territory in the 21st century.

While Photographing Oahu’s Homeless, Diana Kim Discovers her Estranged Father Among Them


August 7, 2014


Kim with her father, 1988

Honolulu-based photographer Diana Kim had been sharing the stories of the city’s homeless community for years when she recognized her own father, then estranged from the family, sitting in a makeshift shelter of cardboard boxes.

Photographer Returns to His Beloved Grandma’s House Six Months After Her Death



Los Angeles-based photographer Robert P. Cohen remembers his grandmother’s house simply as “Mama’s House.” During his childhood, the Woodmere, Long Island home was where all the children came together to eat their grandma’s fresh-baked goods, to play, leap and bound across the fancy furniture, and be tucked in at night with familiar tales of distant family member and ancestors. Six months after his grandmother’s death, Cohen returned once more to the house, preserving its images just as it had been when she was alive.

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Abstract Photos of the Unexpected Patterns that Arise While Cooking


Olive oil, chicken fat, balsamic vinegar, salt, peppercorns, white wine


Ginger ale, whiskey, clear ice

For New York-based photographer Adrian Mueller, cooking isn’t a chore or the means to an end but a creative playground in and of itself. For Bubbles, he teamed up with longtime collaborator and food stylist Takako Kuniyuki to capture the miniature worlds that unfold atop ordinary stoves around the world each and every day, when two or more ingredients collide.

Greetings From The Hungarian Sea





It is with a self-aware sort of swollen nostalgia, colored by childhood, memory, and the distinctive confines of a particular historical moment that photographer Michal Solarski recalls the annual holiday trek made with his family in the early ‘80s from Soviet-controlled Poland to the Hungarian Lake Balaton—or the Hungarian Sea, as it is still often called by the land-locked Hungarians who vacation there. Like Dorothy whisked away from dreary, storm-struck Kansas to the magnificent Land of Oz, Solarski arrived at Lake Balaton as one temporarily but rapturously suspended from reality. Over the course of the 300-mile car trip, the cold monochrome scenery seemed to gradually dissolve into a vivid Technicolor dreamscape abounding with sights, sounds, and smells, all drunk in ravenously upon arrival through senses starved by daily life in the occupied East Bloc.

‘Women, Children and Loitering Men': A Glimpse at Manchester’s Slums in the 1960s


Manchester, 1968, © Shirley Baker Estate, Courtesy of Mary Evans Picture Library


Hulme, July 1965, © Shirley Baker Estate, Courtesy of the Shirley Baker Estate


Manchester, 1967, © Shirley Baker Estate, Courtesy of the Shirley Baker Estate

The streets of the Manchester slums, in which children played on concrete roads and their parents watched as terraced homes were razed to the ground in favor of new developments, became in the 1960s and two decades following like a home away from home for British street photographer Shirley Baker (1932-2014), whose middle class family owned a furniture store in Salford.

Photos Capture the Surreal Beauty of China’s Empty Amusement Parks During Off-Season


Little China, Shenzhen


Treasure Island Pirate Kingdom, Qingdao


Basket of concrete fruit, Huairou

In the depths of off-season, Italian photographer Stefano Cerio roams many the amusement parks of China alone and under the ashen skies. For Chinese Fun, he braved the emptied fairgrounds of Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, and Hong Kong to discover what remains after the parks are closed, the children departed, and all is silent.

The Deserts of Sinai and Israel Illuminated Only by Starlight


Olive Tree, 1997


Ballistra, 2000

Under the shroud of night, Jerusalem-based photographer Neil Folberg traverses Galilee and the Negev and Sinai deserts in Israel and Egypt alone and by foot, watching as the stars and clouds dance across the sky. From the late 1990s until the early 2000s, he spent four years of sunsets and sunrises capturing the shadows as they descended silently upon the historic terrain.

Photographer Gets Investigated for Terrorism, Responds in Best Possible Way




“Once you’re wrapped up in a terrorism investigation, you never really escape from it,” says artist and University of Maryland professor Hasan Elahi of his experience as an innocent man under the scrutiny of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.