The Secret World of the Inquisitive Hokkaido Fox


Romance is in the air. It was the time of day immediately following sunset. I heard a voice. “Wherever you go, I will follow you” the voice says.


A Wild Fox Chase

For Hokkaido-based photographer Hiroki Inoue, the “living landscape” found in his region is a constant inspiration. Biei, also known as “the town of many hills” is the artist’s preferred shooting location; its undulating hills, vast meadows full of wildflowers and mysterious, seemingly impenetrable forests transport the viewer into this magical, secret world. The elusive fox appears and disappears unexpectedly amidst the vivid flora and rapidly changing climatic conditions, making the photographer’s task all the more challenging, Hiroki elaborates: “I feel that the difficulty of attainment increases the beauty of the fox”. His long-term project the Magical Photos of Hokkaido focuses on the “intellectual beauty” of the fox in its environment.

21 Photographers Divulge Their Pet-Peeves


Danny Lynch – the Great Stromboli © Muir Vidler

Muir Vidler: Longwinded, pretentious artist statements. A couple of sentences about the theme or intent can be useful, but if you have to tell me why your photos are good or what you’re trying to say with them, then they’re not doing their job very well. More and more I like photographers, or any artists, writers, musicians, who do work that is very simple yet powerful and doesn’t require an explanation.

Ed Kashi: Talking about photography too much.

Photos of The Iconic Route 66 Take Us Back in Time (Sponsored)


Route 66 Diner on Central Ave, Albuquerque, New Mexico © Julien McRoberts / Offset

Route 66 stretch of highway

Route 66, California © Cavan Images / Offset

Holbrook,Arizona, United States. Route 66.

Fake dinosaurs along Route 66 in Holbrook, Arizona © Julien McRoberts / Offset

“I feel like much of our country has become one big strip mall,” confides American photographer Julien McRoberts, who has spent much of her life traveling the world. But there’s one place that maintains the allure of the old American West: Route 66, the 91-year-old highway running through eight states, from Chicago, Illinois, to Los Angeles, California.

Route 66, the subject of the nations best rhythm and blues songs (Route 66 by Bobby Troupe) and literary classics (The Grapes of Wrath, On The Road), was decommissioned in 1985, 60 years after it opened. In the words of Smithsonian Magazine’s Megan Gambino, the American treasure “is not aging gracefully.” Though some 85% of the road remains drivable, much of the once-flourishing businesses that once lined the iconic highway have packed up and moved along. Places are abandoned; the neon signs have been turned off for the final time.

Still, sentimental souls still cherish the long-forgotten highway. Some motel owners refused to leave their beloved “Mother Road,” and some portions have survived the fall from grace. McRoberts, an Offset photographer, understands the persevering spirit of Route 66 more than most. Over the course of four years, she made the journey across the entire 2,400 miles that once supported the country’s westward migration.

The Roma of Poland and Their Daily Struggle for Survival

Stigma Project

Kalici’s wife Eva carries Zyna.

Stigma Project

Karolina escaped from her parents’ home in a different part of Poland because of love for Alex, one of the slum’s inhabitants.

Stigma Project

Roma child in an Ikea bag.

Stigma isn’t narrated by photojournalist Adam Lach but by its own subjects, the Roma men, women, and children who call Wroclaw home. With help from his wife, he recorded their stories in first person as they were told to him, and over course of two years, he learned how fleeting and precarious the notion of “home” can be.

Sophie Gamand on the Power of Photography and the Love of Dogs (Sponsored)


Amy, adopted

In the United States alone, an estimated one million homeless pit bulls are euthanized. New York photographer Sophie Gamand never expected to be a leading voice for these dogs, but after her series Pit Bull Flower Power went viral, she was thrust into that role. She’s a fine art photographer who became an animal advocate.

One Daughter’s Story Caring for Her Elderly Parents in China



“If you don’t succeed caring for your elders, you fail as a person,” says Norwegian photographer Line Ørnes Søndergaard of expectations for children in China. She met Chen Aichun and Guo Zhenghua through their grown daughter Hui, who had left the Chinese village where she grew up to live with her Norwegian husband. Now, a decade later, Hui has returned home to be with her parents, allowing Søndergaard to live temporarily in the family home.

Marvel at Fleshy Nudes Made Out of Foam



Imagine a perfectly fleshy pre-Raphaelite bottom, rendered not in paint but in pastel-coloured foam. This is the work of fine artist Etienne Gros, whose series Les Mousses sculpts polyurethane foam around wire skeletons to form undulating chunky forms, uncannily like human bodies but completely inert.

This New Squarespace Feature Is the Solution to All Your Website Woes (Sponsored)


Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 3.25.46 PM

We’ve interviewed dozens of photographers over the years about what they want in a website, and time and again they’ve listed off three things: aesthetic appeal, versatility, and ease-of-use. Squarespace is constantly evolving to meet those three needs, and just two weeks ago, they rolled out a brand new feature to revolutionize and streamline the website-building process.

Legendary Sports Photographer Walter Iooss Teams Up With Your Art Gallery (Sponsored)

Walter Iooss_Rare Air, Coconut Grove 1993

Rare Air, Coconut Grove 1993 © Walter Iooss

Walter Iooss_Blue Dunk, Lisle, Ill. 1987

Blue Dunk, Lisle, Ill 1987 © Walter Iooss

Michael Jordan. Derek Jeter. Muhammed Ali. Name a handful of the great athletes of the 20th and 21st centuries, and Walter Iooss has probably photographed them all. The picture that springs to mind when you think of a “sports star” is probably a picture he’s shot. He’s the guy who’s immortalized legends on the covers of more than 300 issues of Sports Illustrated.

Of all his iconic photographs, Iooss’s greatest are arguably those he made with Michael Jordan in his heyday— and probably the most memorable decade of the NBA. The pair collaborated to produce the smash hit autobiography Rare Air in 1993, topping the charts and taking the world by storm. He captured the evolution of an young man who became a star, right up until the first time he retired from the Chicago Bulls that same year.

Now, nearly a quarter century later, Iooss is celebrating another milestone. He has partnered with Your Art Gallery to release limited edition signed archival pigment prints for art buyers (and sports fans) around the world. And yes, that world-famous portrait of MJ in the white hoodie is included among the selection of 30 artworks. Most are familiar; some are surprises; all tell a story of hard work, heartache, triumph, and the indelible bond between a great photographer and his muse.

The Modern-Day Cinderellas of Colombia


Karen lives with her mother, who is a secretary and saved money for more than a year and took out a loan to organize the party. It cost 4 millions pesos (1800 USD) and 85 people were invited. Karen wants to become a doctor.


Laura’s father is a fruit seller, and her mother is unemployed. Laura loves playing football and will join the female youth Colombian football team in 2015. Her parents saved money for six months to organize her quinceañera. 200 people were invited. Laura wants to become a criminologist.

In many parts of South America, a girl’s fifteenth birthday is a moment of great importance. Quinceañera marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood, and its tradition goes beyond social class and background. French photographer Delphine Blast got interested in this celebration and in the way it combines local culture and Western influences. For her photo series Quinceañeras, Blast spent two months in the suburbs of south Bogota, in Colombia, and the result is series of eye-catching portraits of girls dressed in their party dresses, photographed in their usual environments.

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