If you’re curious about how generative AI can help you as a photographer, we’ve simplified the process with our new guide of the 101 Best

ChatGPT prompts.

Not only do these prompts spark those “aha!” moments, but they also save a ton of time and will help streamline and simplify almost every task you do as a photographer, from photoshoot ideas to model releases. Whether you shoot commercials, photojournalism, or somewhere in between – these creative prompts can be altered to fit your situation.

Here are just a few potentially viral TikTok ideas it came up with for food photographers:

The guide is a whopping 106 pages, packed with information (and inspiration).

In this transformative guide, you’ll uncover groundbreaking marketing strategies, innovative social media content suggestions, and creative inspiration. Explore diverse approaches to compare cameras and lenses, and master fine-tuning your camera settings to capture the perfect shot every time.

Discover invaluable advice to propel your career forward and revolutionary brainstorming concepts that will spark your creativity like never before (seriously). Learn effective communication strategies to engage your clients and build lasting relationships. Every piece of advice and every prompt you’ll find is uniquely crafted, offering fresh perspectives and insights.

This guide is not just a collection of ideas; it’s a treasure trove of transformative insights that are essential for anyone looking to get an edge in this new world of AI.

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