Call for Submissions: Portraits of Mothers

Marisa PortoleseMother and Child photographed by Marisa Portolese

In honor of Mother’s Day, the topic for the next Feature Shoot online group show will be portraits of mothers.

Photographers are invited to submit images and captions to:
[email protected]

Up to five images can be submitted (480 pixels wide, 72 dpi, saved for web under 65kb). The deadline for submissions is May 9, 2013.

  • Why the extremely low resolution and file size?

  • Claire Kern

    I was wondering too…?

  • Alison Zavos

    Most all photos on Feature Shoot run under 65 kb. In most cases, if you save for web, you can get them to this size without compromising the quality of the photograph. The reason for this is site speed. The site is very photo heavy and if we run high res images then it will take forever to load.

  • Anastasia

    Single photos or series?

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