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Enter the Strange World of Vienna’s Disappearing Drinking Dens



Following the sounds of laughter on the streets of Vienna, two documentarians – one collecting photographs, the other collecting words – set out to explore behind the doors of the city’s drinking dens, which are slowly dropping into non-existence. Within them exists another world, where page-3 girls are pinned to the walls, favours are exchanged, fights flare up, and where endless drinking ensues from dawn. In their book Golden Days Before They End, the reflections and anecdotes from Clemens Marschall lend context and meaning to the raw imagery by Klaus Pichler, who with his lens, gets up so close that we can almost smell the age-old fabric of the sofas, and the beer spills and cigarettes that set the mise en scène. The combination of pictures and words sew together the last vestiges of these bars – an ode to the drama, the people, the craziness, and the ritual of Vienna’s Brannweiner.

Anew: a Photo Exhibition that Explores Seeing Beauty in Everyday Objects

Christopher-JonassenPhoto: Christopher Jonassen

I am thrilled to have teamed up with United Photo Industries to curate Anew, a group exhibition featuring nine photographers who unearth beauty in the seemingly irrelevant, everyday objects that most people disregard, revealing that unnoticed and banal items can sometimes be quite magical.

International Call for Submissions: ‘Anew’ Group Show at United Photo Industries, Brooklyn

Klaus-PichlerDust # 03: Bed Articles Store ©Klaus Pichler


Photographs of a Middle Class Utopia

Klaus-Pichler photography

This series, Middle Class Utopia, focuses in Austrian allotment gardens in and around Vienna, called ‘Schrebergärten’. These tiny gardens were invented in the late 19th century, mainly to provide space for the working class people to grow their own vegetables and fruits. Over the time, the use of these gardens changed and now they are mainly used for recreational purposes.

Twenty-six thousand of these gardens exist in Vienna. It’s a special kind of person who lives here – mostly older people, but also younger families who combine the advantage of urban life with the escapism of the garden colonies. Due to the strict rules of these colonies, concerning both the look of the gardens as well as the behaviour of the occupants, a special mood surrounds the gardens. The artificial idyll of the garden gets foiled by feelings of paranoia, fear and sometimes loneliness that surround the inhabitants.

Feature Shoot Group Show: Self-Portraits

Beto Ruiz AlonsoPhoto by Beto Ruiz Alonso

Han-KimPhoto by Han Kim

Surprisingly Beautiful Photographs of Dust

dust Klaus Pichler photographyDust # 03: Bed Articles Store

Dust as a by product of civilisation, the enemy of a sterile society, a constant presence hidden in corners, nooks and crannies. Also, a microcosm made up of multiple components, a combination of different colours, textures and structures, a construct reproducing itself. Every bit of dust is different, each space produces it’s unique type of dust, depending on its nature and its individual use.

Klaus Pichler, Vienna

Klaus Pichler photography

Klaus Pichler was born 1977 and lives in Vienna, Austria. After graduating from university in 2005 he decided to quit his profession as a landscape architect and become a full time photographer- without any education in photography. The topics of his work are the hidden aspects of everyday life in its varying forms, as well as social groups with their own codes and rules. This work is from his series, ‘Skeletons in the closet’, which deals with the backstage environments and storage sites of the Museum of Natural History in Vienna.

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