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‘Burma in Transition’: Photographs by Geoffrey Hiller

Geoffrey Hiller

I woke up every morning before sunrise and walked the streets of the old city in a sort of hypnotic state. In spite of the risk of interacting with foreigners, the Burmese allowed me to photograph them.—Geoffrey Hiller

Portland-based photographer Geoffrey Hiller has been documenting the world with his poignant photographs for decades and is the founder of the blog Verve Photo. His most extensive work has been in the country Myanmar, the once oppressed land of Burma, where he first visited in 1987 when the country was controlled by an intense military dictatorship. When he returned in 2000, suppression from the government was still in force—academic institutions were being shut down and Hiller recalls meeting university professors-turned-tour guides and would-be students doing manual labor.

In 2011, Hiller spent even more time in Burma teaching photojournalism, where he was privy to the most recent monumental changes in the last two years. Aung San Suu Kyi, an unfairly imprisoned political figure, was set free after 15 years and began speaking openly about democracy. While talk of democracy sheds new light, much of the country is still censored and the day to day life of the Burmese has not changed. However, this remains only part of the picture that Hiller captures—the spirit and exuberance of a people rich with culture and story naturally finds its way to the forefront. He also sites the population’s Buddhist beliefs as the core of Burma’s strength, a steadfast combination with the people’s perserverance.

Documentary Follows Four Afghan Photojournalists Determined to Build Free Press

Help make ‘Frame by Frame’ become a reality by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign.

Help Publish ‘Finding Trust’: Beautiful and Moving Photos From a Wildlife Rehabilition Center

annie-marie-musselman finding trust

“Coming to Sarvey felt like coming home. The work that I produced there documents the delicate union that exists between humans and animals. These pictures were made with the intention to show the world an upclose view into the faces and souls of these wild animals. To look into their eyes as if looking into our own.”—Annie Marie Musselman

What would you do if you found an injured pigeon on the sidewalk? Would you photograph it? Would you look away and pretend you didn’t see it? Or would you call someone that might be able to save its life?

Annie Marie Musselman did the latter and that phone call resulted in her magical, award-winning series, Finding Trust.

Dear Photographer: How Can I Politely Decline Funding Kickstarter Projects?

I am well-connected in the photography industry and therefore receive a lot of emails from my peers asking me to contribute to their Kickstarter projects. I personally feel like 90% of these are vanity projects (Help! I need 30K to make a book of my photographs, etc.) and would much rather give my hard earned money to charity. However, many of these same photographers I see socially at events and/or have business dealings with. Is there a polite way to decline funding these projects? Should I just ignore their emails (even though some send out 4-5 reminders throughout the campaign)?—Anonymous

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Photoville – Coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park June 22 to July 1

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