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Poignant Photos of Identical Twins Over 50

Gao Rongguo

Gao Rongguo

Beijing-based photographer Gao Rongguo captures poignant photographs of identical twins older than age fifty. Growing up in Shandong Province, he went to many different schools and, in the course of this, knew three sets of identical twins. For this project, he returned to Shandong Province to find his subjects and chose to photograph them so they appear to gaze at their own nonidentical reflection. He chose subjects older than fifty years old because, he explains, “the fifties are often called the years to know one’s fate.”

Non-Fashion Story Uncovers Beijing’s Most Stylish Children

David-Oates Beijing fashion kids

This series, Forbidden City, shot by photographer David Oates, is not a fashion story. But it might as well be. Photographed on ‘International Children’s Day’, a day when young people are granted free access to Beijing’s Forbidden City, Oates captured these stylish kids as they explore the ancient environment. Normal children on a relatively normal day, yet the photos beg the question, who dresses these kids? Are their parents picking out their clothes or are these kids naturally this awesome?

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