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An Ethereal Fantasyland Photographed by Manuel Archain


When photographer Manuel Archain‘s agent, Franziska Holzer, sent these photographs through on a newsletter, I had to share. Reminiscent of the children’s novel The Borrowers, the photographs are beautifully executed and a wonderful example of Archain’s more ethereal work. Hailing from Argentina, Archain started drawing and sculpting as a child in his artist mother’s studio. Every idea he has is carefully sketched out before being realized photographically, so nothing is left to chance.

Portraits of the Fabulous ‘Sun City Poms’


London-based photographer Todd Antony recently spent some time in Sun City, a retirement city boasting 37,000 residents situated near Phoenix, Arizona, where he came across ‘The Sun City Poms’. They were very happy to be photographed striking their best pose against the immaculate backdrop of their sunny paradise.

The Last Inhabitants of Ghoramara Island Pose in Their Sinking Village


While at the Sony World Photography Awards Show at Somerset House, this series by Paris-based Korean photographer Dae Sung Lee was what impressed me most (he won 3rd prize in the Contemporary Issues category). The shots depict the inhabitants of an island called Ghoramara off the West Bengali coast and the powerful effects of land erosion caused by the rising sea levels. The islanders are mostly farmers and fishermen whose livelihoods are in such jeopardy that the Indian government has already formulated plans to relocate them.

Portraits of Drag Devotees Dressed as Both Genders


Last summer, I had the privilege of being a mentor along with Liz Helman, a photographer and picture editor, on the Young Photographers’ Association program. The brief was for the mentees to explore what “home” meant to them. London-based Charley Murrell was one of our group.

Photographs of Paper Sculptures Inspired by Dutch Still Life


This stunning pastiche series of Dutch old master still life paintings was a collaborative effort by a Stockholm-based team; photographer Olivia Jeczmyk, stylist Joanna Laven and Fideli Sundqvist, a paper artist. Fideli can make pretty much make anything out of paper; a rock band doing a set, an exquisite meal, a bouquet of flowers. She also does lino-cuts and silhouettes too. Talented bunch, all at Agent Molly.

Creative Photographic Interpretations of the Flags of Greece, Malta, Poland and Romania


I have long been a fan of Dutch photographer Corriette Schoenaerts‘ work and was struck by how she takes the primary colours and simple patterns of various national flags and reinterprets them in this series that was commissioned by the Dutch goverment for the new headquarters of Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency. I also love the choice of random objects used in her interpretation—just as long as they fit in colour and form, why not use a girl with loads of balloons and two front doors for Romania?

Clever Homage-to-Picasso Fashion Story Photographed by Eugenio Recuenco


As always, whilst you’re hunting for something, you inevitably stumble across something else that’s really great. I love this clever homage-to-Picasso fashion story by Eugenio Recuenco. The Spanish photographer is something of a renaissance man; besides photography, he is well versed in film and has even collaborated on an opera. He describes himself as a “pain in the ass who always insists on doing what he wants.” Fair play to you, Eugenio!

The Everyday Lives of “Furries” Photographed by Tom Broadbent

At Home With The FurriesZuki, a Gargoyle at home. Zuki lives in Milton Keynes and works in IT. Zuki owns a few suits, the gargoyle is just one of them.

First rule of Fur Club: don’t reveal your identity. Second rule of Fur Club: don’t talk to journalists.

Photographs of Old School Ice Cream Trucks Preserve Childhood Memories


These ice cream vans no longer conform to EU regulations so English photographer Luke Stephenson decided to photograph them in order to preserve a little bit of childhood memorabilia before they go to the scrapyard. Sadly, the ice cream van drivers were too bashful to be included.

Photographer Uses Google Earth to Create Intricate Collages of Man-made Structures

jenny-odell photography125 Swimming Pools

San Francisco-based artist Jenny Odell’s medium of choice is Google, namely Google Earth and Google Street View. In this series she explores the way that satellite photography is actually very revealing about our humanity and the marks we humans have left on our planet. I just love how beautiful and fragile she makes everything seem.

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