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Photographs of Trees Taken From All Perspectives

Kim Boske photography

Kim Boske was born in Hilversum in The Netherlands and now lives and works in Amsterdam. Of her work she writes:

In the project ‘Mapping’ I rearrange the already seen, creating a ‘surrounding time landscape’. I experience and capture the different forms and characters of a tree, by walking around them. These different forms and characters together reveal the whole of the tree. The different pictures I took are connected with each other in a new map of the tree. To create a resonating time and space image, the movement of the individual to the world is built up out of an infinite number of point of views and angels, which creates ‘reality’.

Kim Boske photography

The world of the Dominatrix photographed by Kate Peters (NSFW-ish)

dominatrix UK kate peters photography yes, mistressMistress Arella I

Kate Peters was born in the city of Coventry; located deep in the heartland of the UK. Discovering photography in secondary school she soon became inspired by
exposure to artists such as Diane Arbus, Robert Mapplethorpe and Cindy Sherman. After receiving a BA (hons) in Photography from Falmouth College of Arts, Cornwall, Peters spent a four years assisting photographer Nadav Kander and developing her own personal works.

London street corners photographed by Chris Dorley-Brown

Chris-Dorley-Brown corners LondonRio Cinema

Chris Dorley-Brown has been photographing the East End of London for nearly 30 years and as such has built up a vast body of work. He is interested primarily in documenting the evolution of the ever-changing social landscape. For this series, The Corners, Chris to began shooting the streets of London, specifically where his maternal and paternal ancestors had lived during the last 200 years. In this process of genealogical research he noticed that “standing on those same street corners 150 years later, my curiosity shifted from the buildings to the people walking, cycling and driving past- nameless, anonymous figures, but continuing this endless choreography of social mobility’.

Photographer Ben Roberts documents the boom and collapse of the Spanish economy

Ben Roberts photography

This project from London-based photographer Ben Roberts is an evolving personal document on the effects of the rapid boom and subsequent collapse of the Spanish economy. The collation came from a series of long meandering ‘loosely planned’ walks around the urban fringes of new developments. ‘The new work’, says Roberts ‘reflects a more personal experience of Spain. Away from the major tourist centers and coastal resorts, I found a landscape imbued with a strange mix of anxiety and tension, where the delineation between nature and city had become ambiguous. “The Gathering Clouds” contemplates Spain’s loss of direction, and my own disorientation in an unfamiliar and sometimes unnerving environment’.

Ben Roberts photography

Evgenia Arbugaeva photographs the remote town of Tiksi on the Siberian coast of Russia

Tiksi evgenia Arbugaeva photography

Evgenia Arbugaeva was born in the remote town of Tiksi on the Siberian coast of Russia. She studied Art Management at the International School of Moscow and in 2009 graduated from the ICP’s photojournalism and documentary program. She now works between Russia and New York.

Arbugaeva writes:

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