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Busted! Street Photographer (Purposely) Caught in the Act of Snapping Portraits on NYC Streets


I often relish the moment when someone locks a gaze with me. There is an awkwardness, confusion and unpredictability during this acknowledgment of the other—me, a stranger, suddenly doing what most people are taught not to do; staring. —Serge J-F. Levy

We recently talked to NY-born, Sonoran Desert dwelling photographer Serge J-F. Levy about his series Excuse me sir, did you just take my picture?

Caregiver/Photographer Captures the Daily Life of Her Aunt Grace Who Suffers from Alzheimer’s


Connecticut-based photographer Susan Falzone’s Grace is a series she has been working on for the past four and a half years on the daily life of her aunt who suffers from Alzheimer’s. We recently talked to her about the work made in honor of Aunt Grace and her struggle to hold on to her memories and independence.

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