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These powerful photos challenge the stigma around skin conditions

British photographer Sophie Harris-Taylor hopes to break down the stigma around skin issues with Epidermis, her candid new photo series challenging how we view imperfection.

Shutterstock Presents: Artists Series tells the creative stories behind the content

Shutterstock is a creative marketplace populated by talented photographers, illustrators, musicians and videographers from around the world.

Now Shutterstock invites audiences to discover the stories behind the creativity through the new Shutterstock Presents: Artists Series a video series highlighting these inspiring contributors.

Shutterstock Presents: Artists Series provides a behind-the-scenes look at the creative artists across the network, offering insight into the lives of contributors who choose to share their art with Shutterstock’s global audience.

Documentary photographer Alegra Ally reflects on cultural adaptation, indigenous motherhood and ancient traditions

Alegra Ally is an award-winning ethnographer and documentary photographer who has dedicated her life to using film, photography and writing to document the traditional practices and beliefs of indigenous women as part of The Wild Born Project.

From living in caves with the remote Meakambut tribe of Papua New Guinea, to witnessing the birthing rituals of the isolated ovaHimba people of Namibia, Ally’s work has taken her across the globe – and a long way from her native Israel.

Ally’s latest project took her to the Yamal Peninsula in Northwest Siberia to live with a family of nomadic Nenets as they follow ancient migration paths, herding reindeer for thousands of kilometres across the Arctic.

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