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Self-Described Hoarder and Still Life Photographer Uses Color to Organize Her Collection of Treasures


Brooklyn-based photographer Sara Cwynar’s ‘Color Studies’ series is a contemporary take on traditional still life – composed in a playful, yet meticulous way. Cwynar was partially inspired by her love of collecting, but also by her desire to investigate how the meaning of objects and imagery changes over time. We recently spoke to Cwynar about this series.

Ethereal Photos by Sarker Protick Capture His Grandmother’s Final Days


Her hair turns grey, then white. More and more white. Grandma looks beautiful each day and peaceful when she sleeps. It seems time has frozen, like the frozen fish in the refrigerator. Grandpa sits beside her, watches her pass away.  He sings from the Psalms as light slowly fills up the room.—Sarker Protick

Bangladesh-based photographer Sarker Protick’s ethereal series What Remains focuses on his grandparents, John and Prova, in the weeks before his grandmother’s passing. The series came about simply because he wanted to spend time with them, and they welcomed his company. Protick’s affection and intimacy creates a peaceful atmosphere which is tender and moving. His image of an empty wheelchair could easily be sinister or depressing, but is instead restful. An insightful glimpse into our final days, Protick manages to capture the sense of waiting for the inevitable.

Surreal Photographs of China’s Yellow River


The power of humans is nothing compared to the power of nature, even when we try to change it.—Zhang Kechun

Chinese photographer, Zhang Kechun, approaches his subject, the Yellow River, from a haunting distance. However, the quiet beauty of his images conceal the river’s devastation. Changes to the weather have brought extreme flooding and drought, and modernization has wrought severe pollution. Despite its bleak state, Kechun has faith that eventually the power of nature will override the destructive power of humans. This stunning series is a testament to his respect and hopefulness for the powerful forces of nature.

Paul Mpagi Sepuya’s Photographs Focus on Friendship, Sex and Intimacy in the Space of His Studio (NSFW)


Brooklyn-based artist Paul Mpagi Sepuya specializes in portraiture. His work focuses on people in his life and has an air of casual familiarity which explores ideas of friendship, sex and intimacy. His project Studio Work deconstructs the “pleasures and burdens” of his practice. Best seen as an installation, the images focus on people and objects that were part of his studio space for an entire year. Sepuya’s minimal aesthetic gives the images a cool and detached feel, while the ease and confidence of his subjects infuse them with seduction and vulnerability. This simultaneous sense of feeling excluded while invited in creates a tension that toys with us, as the end result becomes a surprisingly intimate portrait of the artist himself.

Captivating Portraits of Namibia’s Fashionable Herero Tribe


We recently spoke to London-based photographer Jim Naughten about his stunning portrait series of the Herero tribe members of Namibia.

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