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Adrain Chesser and Steven Miller, Seattle

steven miller Adrain Chesser photography

Adrain Chesser and Steven Miller are both artists in their own right who have been collaborating on photographs, videos and installations for their Beaster and Bear project for over two years now. The two characters at the center of the work are the artists dressed in animal suits who act as trickster figures that expose the shadow side of how we live today. The work is focused on three central themes: to talk about the environmental impact humankind has on the few remaining forests in the Northwest, to establish a mythology that places marginalized people at the center of their own story, and to honor the multiple ways we as humans experience a living connection with nature and spirituality. The trickster aspect of the work insures that even as we honor nature we also acknowledge our personal involvement in its’ destruction; that in idealizing individuals we simultaneously show the shadow side of excess; and that in honoring spirituality we also reveal the dangers of blind faith and zealotry. The work has been shown at Fototage Trier, Germany; and been exhibited in .default magazine in Istanbul.

steven miller Adrain Chesser photography

40 Photographs Take Us Around the World to Experience Autumn

Adrain Chesser_01

© Adrain Chesser


© Stefan Fuertbauer


© Maria Lax

For our latest group show, we invited you to share your favorite photographs of autumn. Curated by Manhattan gallerist Daniel Cooney, owner of Daniel Cooney Fine Art, this collection spans the globe, taking us from Boston to Finland, India to the villages of Svaneti, Georgia. In celebration of the season, Cooney selected images that run the gamut from the pleasures of the everyday—fresh picked tomatoes and green ice cream— to visions of the surreal: trees silhouetted like ghosts, carnivals abandoned by human souls, and birds that form brushstrokes across the open sky. As we head into winter, this show gives us the chance to look back one more time, at cozy sweaters, fallen leaves and Halloween frights.

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Into the Wild: Our Latest Group Show of 33 Images Explore the Wilderness

Robin_Cracknell_01 35mm cine film with spots of fungus, debris and decay. © Robin Cracknell

Elena_Lyakir_02 As the Palms Spell Your Name © Elena Lyakir

NathanWeyland_04 Untitled © Nathan Weyland

Our latest group show explores the far-reaching corners of the world in all climates and regions to provide a glimpse into the amazing wilderness of our planet. Juror Yumi Goto selected photographs from Feature Shoot readers that take us on a visual journey. Moving through seasons and times of day these images present broad vistas as well as the detailed terrain that makes the wilderness both vast and intimate.

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Back to the Land: Stunning Photos Explore the Hunter-Gatherer Way of Life

Adrain Chesser

Trek, Marble Mountain Wilderness, California.

Adrain Chesser

Cherries, Marble Mountain Wilderness, California.

On a journey through Nevada, Idaho, California, and Oregon from 2006-2012, Seattle-based photographer Adrain Chesser experienced a spiritual awakening. Accompanied by Native American ritualist Timothy White Eagle, the two lived among a traveling “unconventional band of comrades” that had left mainstream society for a hunter-gatherer way of life—one off the grid and on the land.

Photographer Confesses His Terminal Illness to Friends and Family While Taking Their Portrait


Adrain Chesser photography

“I have something to tell you.”

It is with this loaded phrase that self-taught photographer Adrain Chesser sets his scene, creating a series of intimate, surprising portraits as a means of telling friends and family that he has been diagnosed with AIDS.

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