Robin_Cracknell_01 35mm cine film with spots of fungus, debris and decay. © Robin Cracknell

Elena_Lyakir_02 As the Palms Spell Your Name © Elena Lyakir

NathanWeyland_04 Untitled © Nathan Weyland

Our latest group show explores the far-reaching corners of the world in all climates and regions to provide a glimpse into the amazing wilderness of our planet. Juror Yumi Goto selected photographs from Feature Shoot readers that take us on a visual journey. Moving through seasons and times of day these images present broad vistas as well as the detailed terrain that makes the wilderness both vast and intimate.

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the worldwas once a wild garden Sagefield, Lone Pine Ridge, Idaho © Adrain Chesser

Adrain Chesser_03 Dodge Pockets, Nevada © Adrain Chesser

Adrain Chesser_05 Nightfall, Virgin River, Nevada © Adrain Chesser

aleksandar_garevski_002 Biosphere noir/Untitled © Aleksandar Garevski

aleksandar_garevski_004 Biosphere noir/Untitled © Aleksandar Garevski

alex_chekhov_05 Blue in Grey © Alex Chekhov

AndreaRoversi_02 Perugia, Italy. Forest Landscape © Andrea Roversi

Ash_Adams_02 Tree, Palmer, AK © Ash Adams

Ash_Adams_03 Facing North, Barrow, AK © Ash Adams

boaz_arad_04 Forest Rangers Tower, Maginim forest, Israel 2010 © Boaz Arad

Camus Wyatt_03 The distinctive conical summit of Mount Ngauruhoe rises through the evening cloud enveloping the volcanic central plateau of New Zealand’s North Island. © Camus Wyatt

Camus Wyatt_04

Hardy tussock grasses at the summit of the Tararua Ranges in the lower North Island of New Zealand weather the prevailing westerly gales. © Camus Wyatt

Canbra_Hodsdon_04 Untitled © Canbra Hodsdon

Elena_Lyakir_04 Time’s Melt © Elena Lyakir

Winter Corral Untitled © Elisa Ferrari

franco_calegari_01 Nature Spectrum © Franco Calegari

Jack_Shelton_02 Untitled © Jack Shelton

Jess_Claire_01 32,000 ft © Jess Claire

Jonas_Hansen_01 Untitled © Jonas Jessen Hansen

JulianReid_02 Untitled © Julian Reid

Kamila K Stanley 03 Untitled © Kamila K. Stanley

KarleySullivan_01 Tangled Field © Karley Sullivan

MaryanneGobble-2 Ancient Trees © Maryanne Gobble

OlgaPetroff_4 Teide National Park, Tenerife, Canary Islands © Olga Petroff

Poppy_Gauss_01 Untitled © Poppy Gauss

RobertGrahamMcNamara_05 The Mongolian Altai mountain range in Western Mongolia: Mongolia’s highest point. © Robert Graham McNamara

samuel_hurt_01 South Barrule © Samuel Hurt

samuel_hurt_02 Foxdale © Samuel Hurt

Todd Klassy 03 Mostly White © Todd Klassy

WilliamRugen_01 Painted Desert National Monument, Arizona © William Rugen