Sony Alpha A7 III

MPB is the leading global platform to buy, trade, and sell used cameras and other photo gear. According to their research, adults in the US spend an average of $500 updating our tech every year. But at the same time, many of us are still holding onto stuff we don’t need. 

Surprisingly, 60% of adults in the US, UK, and EU report never having traded a used item. That means you could be missing out on the opportunity to sell your gear, earn money, and upgrade to something better for a fraction of the cost. 

By selling used cameras to MPB, photographers can earn between hundreds and even thousands of dollars. If you’re lucky enough to have, say, a Hasselblad H6D-100c medium format camera in excellent condition, they’ll pay you $7,850 for it. 

To find out what cameras are in the highest demand at the moment, we asked the team at MPB to share the top ten most-sold used cameras from the last year. Here’s what people are buying on the platform right now—and what you can earn if you have one of these cameras lying around gathering dust. 

*Prices are as of this writing for cameras in “Like New” condition. 

Nikon D850

10. Nikon D850

Amateur Photographer dubbed this powerhouse DSLR an “all-around sensation”—in 2023. Impressive, given that it’s well over five years old. You can sell yours to MPB for up to $1,300. 

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

9. Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Dating back to a 2008 release, these cameras are true workhorses: the photographer Nina Papiorek used hers for nearly 15 years—right up until she switched over to mirrorless. If you have one to sell, MPB will pay you as much as $215 for it. 

Canon EOS 6D

8. Canon EOS 6D

This budget-friendly full-frame camera hit the market in 2012, and they’re still the perfect choice for emerging photographers hoping to get a better bang for their buck. A Canon EOS 6D will fetch you up to $285 on MPB. 

Canon EOS R

7. Canon EOS R

It’s the perfect all-around camera for enthusiasts, ranging from landscape to portrait photographers. Selling one will earn you up to $600. 

Fujifilm X-T3

6. Fujifilm X-T3

Known for its video capabilities and popularity among streamers, one of these cameras will fetch you up to $670 on MPB. 

Nikon D750

5. Nikon D750

If you have one of these compact DSLRs, recognized for their low-light performance, consider selling it for up to $505. 

Sony Alpha A6000

4. Sony Alpha A6000

In addition to being one of the most frequently sold cameras by MPB, this sleek camera was also among the top ten most popular products sold to MPB in 2022. If you’ve outgrown yours, it could bring in up to $275. 

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

3. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Often lauded as one of the best pro DSLRs on the market, this camera was built to last. Sell it to MPB for up to $1,100.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

2. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

One of these professional DSLRs will earn you as much as $445.

Sony Alpha A7 III

1. Sony Alpha A7 III 

This #1 camera was the only one to break into the top ten most-sold products overall over at MPB in 2022; the other nine were all lenses! Sell one to MPB, and get paid up to $1,000. 

What next? Here are some worthy upgrades to consider if you’re selling used cameras. 

Canon EOS R5

• If you’re selling Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Mark III, or Mark IV, consider switching to the Canon EOS R5. This camera is an obvious choice for those taking the plunge from DSLR to mirrorless: it’s smaller, quieter, and faster. 

The EOS R5 also packs better resolution than the 5D Mark IV as well as (much) improved autofocus and subject-tracking capabilities, including animal detection—making it a perfect choice for wildlife photographers.

Canon EOS R6

• The Canon EOS R6 is another, more affordable option. It’s similar to the EOS R5 but has fewer megapixels, so that’s worth considering if you print your photos. On the other hand, it does perform (a bit) better in low-light conditions.

Sony Alpha A7 IV

• If you’re seeking higher-resolution images, the Sony Alpha A7 IV is a solid upgrade from the Sony A7 III. You’ll find it looks and handles very similarly to its predecessor, with added perks, including better weather sealing and ergonomics (it’s easier to handle with different button placements and a bigger grip), and improved tracking for perfect focus.

This camera’s also a worthy option for those just getting into mirrorless technology; for example, Lorna Allan, who was used to Canon DSLRs, was impressed by its fast and accurate autofocus capabilities while shooting a dancer in motion

Sony Alpha A7C
Sony Alpha A6600

• If you like the compact size of the Sony A6000 but feel ready to switch to full-frame, you might consider the Sony Alpha A7C. If you’d like to stick with APS-C, one alternative would be the Sony Alpha A6600, which offers better battery life and autofocus.

Fujifilm X-T5

• Fans of the Fujifilm X-T3 might move onto a Fujifilm X-T5 for its similar build. While both use APS-C sensors, you’ll be transitioning from a 26.1MP sensor to a 40.2MP sensor for more detail. 

Nikon Z6 II

• Selling your Nikon D750 DSLR? Add the mirrorless Nikon Z6 II to your wishlist. It has more autofocus points (and those points cover the entire frame), and with the switch from an optical viewfinder to an electronic one, you’ll get to see your exposure in real-time and make adjustments as you go. While making the switch, grab a Nikon FTZ Mount Adapter so you can use your old lenses as well.

Nikon Z7 II

• The Nikon Z7 II is another choice for those transitioning from either the D750 or D850. The D850 and the Z7 II both made it onto our list of the best used cameras for landscape photographers for several reasons, not least of all their 45.7MP sensors. One difference you’ll notice immediately, however, is the weight, with the Z7 II keeping you light and mobile while traveling.

MPB Warehouse, Berlin

Getting your gear inspected 

If you want to sell used cameras, a professional inspection is a must-have, protecting you and the buyer so nobody gets scammed or ripped off. MPB inspects all the equipment that passes through the platform, making sure the sensor’s in good condition and everything’s working as it should. 

If you’ve been taking care of your camera (that is, avoiding scratches and moisture), you’ll get a better price for it. It’s always a good idea to give your camera a light clean before sending it in—and then you can let MPB do the rest. (Don’t try cleaning the actual sensor yourself.)

On MPB, there’s no cost to have your used gear picked up and inspected by a pro. MPB also provides a six-month limited warranty for all buyers, including those who trade in. 

Why should you buy and sell used cameras?

When our old devices end up in landfills, they can wreak havoc on our ecosystems. But in the United States, we recycle only an estimated 35% of our e-waste. That’s not nearly enough, and we need to find better ways to keep our electronics in use for as long as possible. 

Here’s the good news: people around the world want to make a difference, and they’re willing to change their habits to create a more sustainable future. 

With this principle in mind, companies like MPB are making it easier for us to reuse electronics and contribute to a circular economy. Selling your old gear and putting it toward something new is about more than just making and saving money. It’s also about being a responsible photographer and paying it forward. 

This article was sponsored by MPB.

To learn more about how MPB protects you when selling your used camera gear online, check out our article on how to avoid scammers.


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