Otherworldly Botanical – Artichoke

We’re thrilled to announce Portland photographer Lindsey Rickert as the winner of The Global Billboard Project in Sydney, Australia. As part of the latest edition of our worldwide initiative, two of her pictures will be shown front-and-center on a billboard in trendy Chippendale, a neighborhood known for its vibrant art scene, reaching thousands of passersby over the course of a four-week run.

Rickert created her winning photographs during pandemic lockdowns as part of her series Otherworldly Botanicals. “Searching for a way to still create as the world changed around me, I became inspired by the blooming foliage I saw right in front of me,” she remembers. The surreal images, a punchy and contemporary take on the botanical tradition, were made in-camera with studio light and colored gel paper. Artichokes and eucalyptus, famously photographed at one time by the likes of Edward Weston and Imogen Cunningham, have never looked so electrifying.

The Global Billboard Project introduces contemporary photography into the streets of bustling cities around the world. For each edition, one photographer is selected to have their work exhibited large-scale and in public, to be seen by thousands of people. The billboard in Sydney will be on view from May 10th through June 6th, so stop by in person if you’re in the area.

For the next billboard exhibition opportunity we will be returning to NYC!

You can submit images for our next billboard here.

Otherworldly Botanical – Eucalyptus

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