In the past few years, our international project The Print Swap has exhibited work from more than one thousand photographers worldwide, spanning six continues (so far!) and all genres. We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be heading to Hanoi, Vietnam for the first time in Print Swap history as part of a special show, opening for one night only at the Matca Space For Photography in the heart of the city.

All photographers who participate in The Print Swap between now and our submission deadline on November 18th will be part of the show. A hub for contemporary photography, Matca is an independent initiative comprising an online journal, publishing project, and gorgeous physical space. The artist-run gallery space, nestled between a cafe and photo studio, is the ideal spot for our upcoming exhibition, featuring Print Swap artists from countries around the globe.

To apply, tag your best photos #theprintswap on Instagram or submit via our website. Photographers chosen by our curators give a print and receive a print. If selected, it costs just $40 to participate; for that, you’ll get the print of your choice–created by another photographer somewhere in the world–delivered straight to your doorstep.

Throughout this year, our curators will also be working on the second edition of the annual Print Swap photo book, featuring selections from participating photographers. All photographers to take part in The Print Swap in 2020, either previously this year or in the months to come, will be considered for the book, and final selections will be announced at the beginning of next year. You can find the first annual Print Swap photo book here.

Follow along on Instagram at @theprintswap for updates. We look forward to seeing your submissions!