“I am supporting Joe Biden because in order to defeat Tr*mp we must vote for the Democratic nominee. It is important to recognize that this election is unlike any other and it is imperative that we choose the candidate that will listen to the people.”

“Fundamentally, we must preserve liberal ideologies; therefore, the most important issues for me this election season are LGBTQ+ rights, environmental protection, women’s rights, healthcare, and immigration reform. These issues inform my decision to support Biden because Tr*mp has proven that he is not willing to preserve liberal ideologies that help protect the citizens of the United States.”

Photo and words © Kevin Bennett (@_kevinbennett)

Feature Shoot is launching a brand-new project in the months leading up to the US election in November. With issues like healthcare, national security, gun policy, education, the economy, immigration, and climate change leading as most important among voters, this historic election has been dubbed the “most important” election of our lifetimes by prominent figures ranging from Bernie Sanders to Joe Biden to Pete Buttigieg.

#PhotographersforBiden and #ArtistsforBiden aim to dig deeper into the issues affecting American artists during this unprecedented time. In the lead-up to the election, we’re sharing images and words from artists who inspire us about why they’re voting democrat in 2020. We want to hear your thoughts. If you’d like to participate, please submit your photos and insights via this form and stay tuned at @featureshoot, @photographersforbiden, and @artistsforbiden on Instagram for updates.

“While Biden wasn’t my first choice, we must remove Trump and those who continue to empower him. I look at my children and wonder, ‘what kind of life will they have in the future? Will their children, if they chose to have any, be able to experience the natural wonders of the earth?’ We are already at a critical point as a society and if we have another four years of Trump, it might just be game over. So voting for Biden is a step in the right direction.
“Universal health care, student debt, environment, income inequality, and more regulations on corporations are all issues that matter to me and that could benefit all of us. This is tough because Biden isn’t necessarily the most progressive, but I do feel like we can keep pushing these ideas and things can change. It just comes down to removing Trump at this point. The way that this administration has handled everything is embarrassing. There are many days where it seems like things couldn’t get any worse, but somehow each day the bar keeps going lower.”

Photo and words © Troy Colby (@troycolby)
“I’m supporting Biden for the same reason that you hire anyone for a Leadership Role; their past work experience, intelligence, maturity, longterm foresight, and demonstrated abilities to work within an existing system to lead a diverse team to address systemic issues efficiently.

“Foreign Relations, World Economy, Economic Inequality, Abortion/Women’s Rights, Immigration, Racism, Health Insurance, and Global Warming are the issues that are the most divisive, and are also at crucial watershed moments. All of these issues have greatly worsened since the 2016 election, as a result of the proliferation of status quo, ego, and fearful thinking. Perhaps with the paradigm shift that the Pandemic has forced on us, we’re more willing to face what will happen if we don’t change course.

“When I think about what leader might best represent that shift in thinking, and begin to help us turn the boat around most effectively, I’ve got to say, Biden, despite the fact that I believed in many of the ideas of several of the other Candidates. It’s because Biden’s VP role gave him a unique perspective within an administration which provided the most positive movement in all of these directions that we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

“His level-headed demeanor and Oval Office experience in working with both, the conflicting motivations of this polarized Congress, as well as in Foreign Policy and Relations, is what makes me feel he’s most suited and prepared to fulfill the role, and what that role represents to each of us.”

Photo and words © Suzanne Heintz (@suzanneheintz)
“I think Biden is capable of beating Trump in November and he’ll build a cabinet with competent, experienced people. We need someone who can defeat Trump but also someone that can bring change. Biden’s policies aren’t as liberal as I would like them to be, but I think they’re realistic and we need realistic plans that can actually move forward. Until Trump is gone, nothing will get better in this country, only worse.

“He has the skills and experience to bring balance back to our country and he’ll also be able to rebuild our relationships with our allies, which Trump destroyed. Biden has empathy for others, and you can clearly see that when he’s interacting with his supporters. He makes genuine connections with people, and that’s sorely needed these days.”

Photo and words © Tytia Habing (@tytiahabing)
“The most powerful reason I’m voting for Biden is because I will do everything in my power to stop Donald Trump from having any further influence in government. I was previously planning on voting for Bernie Sanders. After Sanders endorsed Biden, so did I.

“The most important issues for me are COVID-19 Response, Racial Equality, Sexual Equality, and our nation’s new Fiscal Depression. Donald Trump has publicly proven to be an unfit leader in every sense of the word. While Joseph Biden has proven to be confused at times, his sanity and respect for other humans will do our country some much needed healing.”

Photo and words © Joey Solomon (@joey.solomon)

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