‘School Children in Garamba, DRC’ © Mia Collis (@mia_collis), Nairobi, Kenya

Our international photo swapping project, The Print Swap, is headed to Photoville in New

York this fall!

Feature Shoot founder Alison Zavos and I have selected a total of thirty pictures from participating photographers around the world, including some based in the US, UK, Brazil, Australia, Kenya, India, Switzerland, Ireland, Russia, Italy, and Germany.

See the show in person in one of Photoville’s signature repurposed shipping containers at Brooklyn Bridge Park from September 12-22nd.

We had no criteria while curating this show, but some motifs and patterns emerged naturally throughout the process. Pictures of mist, smoke, dust, and fog lend the exhibition an ethereal, otherworldly atmosphere, while depictions of the natural world keep us grounded in the here and now. Interactions between humans, animals, and the elements (air, fire, earth and water) suggest an air of mystery, while also serving as timely reminders of the vulnerability of our planet and its ecosystems.

These photographs were created by artists living thousands of miles apart, but when taken together, they remind us to find beauty, magic, and humanity in ordinary places that might otherwise go overlooked.

We’ll see you at Photoville in September!

In the meantime, The Print Swap is currently accepting submissions for two new exhibitions, each taking place in creative cafes rather than a traditional gallery setting.

Tag your photos #theprintswap on Instagram or upload them to the Print Swap website for a chance to take part in The Print Swap, and keep in mind that photographers who participate between now and September 30th will be considered for month-long exhibitions at Devoción Coffee in Williamsburg, New York and Chapter One Cafe and Wine Bar in beautiful Bondi, Sydney.

It’s free to submit, and selected photographers pay just $US40 per image to participate in The Print Swap. All Print Swap photographers give a print and receive an archival print!

Stay tuned for updates via our website and on Instagram at @theprintswap.

And congratulations to all the Print Swap photographers who will exhibited at PHOTOVILLE in September!

‘The Hemisphere’ © Shantanu Saha (@_shantanu_saha), Philadelphia, PA

‘Towards Attainment’ © Shantanu Saha (@_shantanu_saha), Philadelphia, PA

‘Curious Stranger’ © Liz Stowe (@elizadolally), Dublin, Ireland

‘A pensive moment’ © Liz Stowe (@elizadolally), Dublin, Ireland

‘Fez Streetlife with Cats’ © Leah Abrahams (@LeahAbrahamsPhotography), Chestnut Hill, MA

Jamil © William Rice (@williamecrice), County Down, Northern Ireland

Jamil © William Rice (@williamecrice), County Down, Northern Ireland

‘Tijuca Forest’ © Antonio Schubert (@apedrosch), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

‘Birdman’ © Arthur Hammond (@colonelescobar), Boulder, CO

‘Trees Mini’ © Eva Muise, Corte Madera, CA

‘Tiny people at a tea estate’ © Smitha Tumuluru (@Smitha.t), Bangalore, India

‘Past one’ © Nicola Malkmus (@nicolamalkmus), Offenbach, Germany

‘Sunday’s faith’ © Diego Fedele (@diego_fedele_ ), Melbourne, Australia

‘Florence’ © Sheldon Serkin (@shelserkin), Brooklyn, NY

‘Ice party’ © Stas Bartnikas (@stasbart), Moscow, Russia

‘Eye of the Earth’ © Stas Bartnikas (@stasbart), Moscow, Russia

‘Her Trace’ © Yun Ye (@leafy.yeh), Los Angeles, CA

‘Walled Area, Chicago 2018’ © Dave Jordano (@dave.jordano), Chicago, IL

‘Composition 8’ © Stanislav Sitnikov, Moscow, Russia

‘Untitled’ © Daniela Constantini (@danielabistrain), Bern, Switzerland

‘Untitled’ © Ketevan Maghularia (@ketomaphotography), Tbilisi, Georgia

‘Space Invaders’ © Kristopher Schoenleber (@kgsphoto), Princeton, NJ

‘Untitled’ © Gianluca Attoli (@gianluca.attoli), Monza, Italy

‘Renaissance’ © Alina Grafkina (@grafkina_photography), Los Angeles, CA

‘Wellfleet Shadows’ © Fran Forman (@franforman), Watertown, MA

‘Hidden-Surface Determination’ © Ellen Jantzen (@ellenjantzen), Santa Fe, NM

‘A Nice Thing’ © Haley Samuelson, Castle Rock, CO

‘Pink Flowers’ © Joseph Pacifico, Brooklyn, NY

‘Mars Bar’ © Alison Schmitz (@alisonsgoo), Austin, TX