The fragility of her tales © Athina Souli (@athina.souli), Piraeus, Greece

Opaque Futures © Pablo Castro (@pcastrophoto), Madrid, Spain

Feature Shoot’s worldwide project The Print Swap are headed to Paris this spring! For the last few months, photographers around the globe were invited to submit images via Instagram using the hashtag #theprintswap, and twenty-five final images were selected by the photographer and gallery director Elise Prudhomme to be part of our milestone tenth exhibition. The show will take place at the stunning Studio Galerie B&B, located between Canal Saint-Martin and Gare de ‘Est. Selected photographers hail from around the world, with roots in France, Spain, Germany, Greece, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland,  Norway, the Netherlands, Russia, the United States, Australia, and more.

The exhibition has no hard and fixed theme, but in spite of their geographical distance, these photographs harmonize in unexpected and poetic ways. Throughout the collection, we’re reminded of the value of choosing the road less traveled, of seeking out beauty in ordinary places. These images aren’t about dramatic occasions but the subtle and fleeting moments that define our daily lives: a single lit window in the West Bank, captured by Giulia Faccin. A window reflected in a mirror, catching the attention of Svein Tangen. That longing expression on the face of Petunia the pug, photographed by adoption and rescue advocate Emma O’Brien.

Sometimes, the “middle of nowhere” is more spectacular than we ever could have imagined, whether it’s an abandoned dwelling in the Mojave Desert (Geoffrey Goddard), a disused road in Argentina (Melanie Kanzler), or a snow-covered truck in Utah (Tom Shea). These photos prefer silence over noise. They inspire us to wander off the beaten track, if only for the joy of getting lost.

See the show at Studio Galerie B&B from May 20 through 27!

The Print Swap is a global initiative launched by Feature Shoot in 2016. Any and all photographers are welcome to tag their photos #theprintswap to submit. Photographers who take part swap prints with other artists all over the world. It’s free to submit, and selected photographers pay just $40 to participate. This covers printing and shipping in full. During our fixed judging periods, all Print Swap photographers are also considered for a spot in one of our international shows. Following Paris, The Print Swap will exhibit at the Foley Gallery in New York City this July. Learn more at our website, and follow along on Instagram @theprintswap for updates.

Yellow in Green © Alena Grek (@alenagrek.xx), Oslo, Norway

Monplaisir © Antonia Fritche (@afritche), Paris, France

Untitled 3  ©Mr. Twodeers (@mr_twodeers), Montrouge, France

Beach Boys © Bayo Adedeji, Sugar Land, TX

Peachy Keen © Cinzia Reale-Castello (@cinziarealecastello), Rutherford, NJ

Petunia © Emma O’Brien (@emmaobrienphoto), Lincolnshire, UK

Beach Lovers: The Voyeur © Erica Reade (@ericareadeimages), Brooklyn, NY

Deserted © Geoffrey Goddard (@geoffreygoddardphotography), Sydney, Australia

Light frame (Rawabi-West Bank) © Giulia Faccin (@giuliafaccin_), Den Haag, The Netherlands

The Apostles at sunset © Kevan Way (@surfcoastimages), Victoria, Australia

Golden glow. Lake Buena Vista FL. © Kevin O’Connell (@kmoc777), Merritt Island, FL

Image dans l’image © Matthias Günter (@matthias_guenter), Bern, Switzerland

El Hotel Capri (La Habana, Cuba) © Michael Young (@mjyoungphoto), Scarsdale, NY

A end or a new start © Melanie Kanzler (@kanzlerphotography), Erfurt, Germany

Mars on earth © Marilyn Baez (@marilyn.baez_), San Juan, Puerto Rico

Heat © Marc Schindl (@osapixi), Vienna, Austria

Bondi Icebergs © Maeesha Afia (@maeeshafia), Athelstone, South Australia

180/Key West, FL. © Macaulay Lerman (@macaulaylermanphoto), Burlington, VT

Butterfly Ranunculus © Rowan Spray (@rowanspray), London, UK

Overflow © Stas Bartnikas (@stasbart), Moscow, Russia

Summer’s End © Svein Tangen (@srtangen), Skien, Norway

Truck in the snow © Tom Shea (@tomfoxshea), Syracuse, Utah

Gasparin © Tori Gagne (@torigagnephoto), Excelsior, MN