Pink © Vivek Prabhakar (@desirednameunavailable), Bangalore, India

Urban Sprawl – Emptiness © Emmanuel Monzon (@emmanuelmonzonphotography), Seattle, WA

For our first exhibition in Asia, The Print Swap

will travel to The Indian Photography Festival (IPF) at the State Gallery of Art in Hyderabad, India. The renowned photojournalist Ami Vitale, who has herself documented stories in nearly one hundred countries, served as our guest curator, selecting 25 images from around the world to be part of the show. The final collection includes photographers from throughout India, the United States, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Estonia, Indonesia, and Australia. The exhibition will open September 6th and will continue through October 7th for the duration of the festival.

As a photojournalist and conservationist, Vitale has said, “The most powerful stories are the ones that unite us, not divide us.” Here, a shared sense of curiosity and empathy becomes the thread that binds her selections together. A hushed sensibility runs throughout the show, emphasizing moments of quietude and connection in what often feels like a conflicted and turbulent world. From Emiliano Zuniga Hernandez’s portrait of his bathing dog to Alejandra Cardenas’s serendipitous snap of two guards illuminated by the headlights of a passing car, these photographs seek intimacy within the chaos of everyday life. Scenes from the road, as seen in the work of Emmanuel Monzon, Ronald William Waite, Geoffrey Goddard, and Florian de Lomme, tie together faraway places.

Vitale will participate in The Print Swap herself, and she has selected one photograph from the collection to add to her own. In the winning image, titled Pink, Vivek Prabhakar captures a cotton candy vendor making his way through Magh Mela in Allahabad, India, on an early foggy morning. The image Vitale will share with Prabhakar comes from the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, where Sudan, the last male northern white rhino on the planet, spent many of his years. Vitale was able to document Sudan’s final moments with his devoted caregiver and friend Joseph Wachira. You can learn more about Ol Pejeta Conservancy and animals like Sudan here.

As always, photographers are welcome to submit images to The Print Swap by tagging #theprintswap on Instagram. Each participating photographer gives a print and receives a print from another photographer somewhere in the world. Print Swap photographers who submit between now and July 13th will be considered for our next exhibition, opening at Photoville later this year. It’s free to submit to The Print Swap, but selected photographers pay $40 per image to participate. Learn more at our website, and follow along at @theprintswap on Instagram for updates.

Delhi, India © Alejandra Cardenas (@cardenasalejandra), Mexico City, Mexico

Dewey fishing net © Sankar Sridhar (@sankar.sridhar), West Bengal, India

A sadhu smokes marijuana on a chillum (pipe). Pushkar, India. 2017. © Yuri Andries (@yuriandries), Gent, Belgium

Imaginary Land © Valeria Cammareri (@_soulkitchen_), Milan, Italy

Wind up space © Sacha De Sensi (@sachadesensi), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Diner – RT.70 – 10718 1120pm © Ronald William Waite (@r.williamwaite & @spacebilk), Philadelphia, PA

The Art Of Reflection © Nico Harold (@nico.harold), Jakarta, Indonesia

S’Ardia © Mattia Vacca (@mattia__vacca), Como, Italy

Auwiesen der Thur bei Frauenfeld © Marco Zedler (@marco.zedler), Eschenz, Switzerland

Crowded Morning © Marco Simola (@msimola), Lima, Peru

Dissolved Girl © Kate Minear Sorenson (@house_of_revelry), Columbus, OH

Optical sceneries © Iris Kivisalu (@iriskivisalu), Tallinn, Estonia

No Vacancy © Geoffrey Goddard (@geoffreygoddardphotography), Sydney, Australia

Under Cover © Florian de Lomme (@floriandelomme), Los Angeles, CA

Urban Sprawl – Emptiness © Emmanuel Monzon (@emmanuelmonzonphotography), Seattle, WA

Remembrance © Csaba Arpasi, Sopron, Hungary

St. Paul Ballet’s Carmen © Caroline Yang (@carolineyangphoto), St. Paul, MN

Nymphaeaceae / Water Lilies in Botanical Garden – Rio de Janeiro. © Antonio Schubert (@apedrosch), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Urban Sprawl – Emptiness © Emmanuel Monzon (@emmanuelmonzonphotography), Seattle, WA

Alex, Austin 2017 © Allen Tian (@allentxb), Oakland, CA

Winter Festival of Eagle Hunters © Kellie Kvern (@highwayhawkdreams), Midway, KY

Lilly © Emiliano Zuniga Hernandez (@emilianozunigah), Costa Rica

Los Angeles, CA 2018 © Danny DeGennaro (@pasolini_already_thought_this), Los Angeles, CA

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