In the digital age, it’s easier than ever for photographers to connect with their followers and clients. A good website shares your vision with the

world; a great website goes a step further by offering real-time feedback from your audience. That’s where Squarespace‘s brand new Analytics App comes in.

Squarespace now allows users to access detailed data straight from their mobile devices. The analytics are simple and easy to understand, while also providing a thorough overview of how people use your website. Learn what you can be doing better by monitoring the size of your audience and seeing your most-viewed projects. Interested in where people are learning about your site? Squarespace tells you if other websites are linking and referring people back to you. Discover how efficient your marketing has been in the past and how you can upgrade for the future. Now, you can also customize date ranges for a more in-depth glimpse at your traffic and activity during specific time frames.

If you have an online store set up with Squarespace Commerce, an invaluable platform for photographers selling prints, you’ll be able to access everything from sales information on your best-selling products to abandoned cart statistics, which can help you understand the way costumers think and target your approach.

The mobile Analytics App provides almost all of the detailed data you can find on a desktop, giving you the freedom to move around and interact with your followers when you’re on the go. The mobile dashboard is beautiful, clean, and most importantly, fun and easy to navigate. The app was just released a few days ago, and Squarespace users are thrilled. “Your recent change to analytics makes it almost addictive to see how [my work] is paying off,” one person wrote.

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