Summer has always meant three things for photographers: Beautiful light, new places, and more hours in the day to spend capturing them. Thanks to the

Internet, we can share our #summervacation photographs from remote corners of the world with the click of a button. For photographers in particular, it’s more important than ever to have an online presence, and since summer is the season for fresh starts and bold moves, we were thrilled to learn that the Squarespace design team is rolling out sixteen brand-new website templates.

Cacao, a new Squarespace template

Over the last few years, Feature Shoot has relied on Squarespace for all our passion projects, including the Emerging Photography Awards and The Print Swap. Their websites are gorgeous, and many of their award-winning templates are made with photographers in mind.

Camino, a new Squarespace template

New templates like Indigo and Cacao make it easy to sell prints and other products. Visitors to Camino websites can scroll through and view photographs in full-screen displays. With Maple, you can customize your gallery or portfolio, while Flores puts images front and center without any distracting clutter. West has a three-dimensional scrolling function, and Jones has dedicated pages for specific projects. As always, the new templates offer online stores and blogs, and you can create your own signature domain name.

Maple, a new Squarespace template

All of these features are great for when you want to build your brand and share your vision, but building a new website can seem like a big undertaking. That’s part of what makes Squarespace our go-to; creating a website with Squarespace is easy, quick, and fun. Their interface is intuitive and clear, and their customer support team is there 24/7 to help out.

Squarespace is made for creative people, and creative people rarely have the time to learn how to code. A few months ago, our Editor-in-Chief Alison Zavos built a beautiful Squarespace website in 48 hours. You never have to upgrade or patch anything, and the Squarespace Analytics give you a thorough understanding of your client base and audience. Squarespace comes with built-in search engine optimization so you can widen your reach.

Take the plunge and make a splash this summer with Squarespace. You can try Squarespace free for 14 days. When you’re ready to subscribe, be sure to use coupon ‘FEATURESHOOT’ for 10% off your first purchase.

Squarespace is a Feature Shoot sponsor.