Photos, clockwise from left: © Vanessa Van Ryzin, © Brian Overend, © Erica Reade, © Joseph Romeo, © Justin Carrasquillo, © Brooke DiDonato

We’re always looking for ways to connect photographers not only to industry insiders, gallerists, and photo editors, but also to each other, and The Print Swap, a new initiative from Feature Shoot, is a fun new way for artists to grow their own collections and find inspiration in one another.

Last May, we launched our first ever Feature Shoot Print Swap by inviting photographers to submit to the contest via Instagram. 100 winning images were chosen from nearly 9,000 submissions, and each winning photographer was invited participate in a large-scale swap by both giving and receiving a print. See all 100 images winning here.

After the success of The Print Swap, we’ve decided to open the contest up to photographers around the world. For the second Print Swap, Feature Shoot Editor-in-Chief Alison Zavos will be judging. Photographs of all genres are welcome, and 100 winners will be selected.

To submit, simply follow us on Instagram and tag the photos you’d like to enter with #theprintswap. If you’d prefer to submit via email, you can send in your entry (at 620 px wide) to [email protected].

Throughout the duration of the contest we will announce winners on Instagram by posting the photo and tagging you (or via email). There is no fee to submit; however, winners will pay a one-time fee of $40, which will cover materials and shipping expenses around the world. Prints will be expertly made by our friends and sponsors Ken Allen Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The deadline for The Print Swap is December 20th.


Photos: © Abby Ross, © Adam Randolph, © Alex Nuñez Caba, © Alexander Kaluzhsky


Photos: © Justin Carrasquillo, © Justin Dodd, © Kat Westerman, © Kate Sweeney


Photos: © Lisa Guerriero, © Lonnie Dean, © Mat Rick, © Maureen Haldeman


Photos: © Sofia Gonzalez Quiñonez, © Starla Little, © Terri Gold, © Tim Flower


Photos: © Katy Gross, © Keith Lane, © Leah Moyers, © Lena Martinez-Miller

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