We’ve interviewed dozens of photographers about their choice to use Squarespace to build their own websites. Responses vary from “Squarespace is easy and convenient” to “Squarespace gives me the opportunity to build a website that suits my personal aesthetic,” but the one thing that almost always comes up is the beautiful website templates available to photographers.

Your choice of template is the virtual equivalent of choosing a gallery space; it determines how and in what sequence clients are able to see your work. To help you navigate the process, we put together a list of seven popular templates for photographers. This is by no means comprehensive, and there are certainly others that work well for photographers. Think of this as your Squarespace template starter kit.



What makes it special: Ishimoto’s default homepage is a gallery, meaning that clients can scroll through images in a beautiful horizontal layout, without having to navigate complex menus. You can also include a customizable side bar for easy access to a blog.

This template is perfect for: Photographers who want to show the breadth of their work straight off the bat.



What makes it special: Momentum is designed to showcase beautiful images on a large scale. Website visiters have the option to switch to a grid format for easy navigation. This template truly allows the visuals to take center stage and speak for themselves.

This template is perfect for: Photographers who want to make an impression.



What makes it special: Galleries built with the Wexley template will adjust image sizes and arrange multiple pictures and/or videos in a gallery that’s clean and organized. Another bonus? Wexley websites have a footer that can be edited at any time to display contact information to potential clients.

This template is perfect for: Photographers who think outside of the box.



What makes it special: Om is the ultimate template when it comes to minimal elegance. Photographs are displayed with clean white borders, making for an easy and pleasant viewing experience. Additionally, Om can display custom logos on every page as part of the website title.

This template is perfect for: Photographers who are building a brand.



What makes it special: Flatiron has the ability to showcase all your works on one index page, combining the ease of Ishimoto with the creative flair of Wexley. Visitors to a Flatiron website can take in a large body of work at once, with the option to hone in on individual images and projects.

This template is perfect for: Photographers who have a lot to show for their work.



What makes it special: Lange’s “Project Pages” are where this template really shines. These are individual pages devoted to a specific series, where you can add text and animations in with your images.

This template is perfect for: Photographers with stories to tell.



What makes it special: Forte is a clean, simple template that puts imagery front and center. The landing page displays one image front and center, empowering visitors to click through to see more. Easy menus allow clients to take a closer look at individual projects.

This template is perfect for: Photographers who know what they want.

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