When we asked a bunch of acclaimed photographers to divulge to us the biggest mistake in their careers, one gave us a rather unlikely answer: not backing up her work. It’s something that plagues every photographer— a necessary evil. Backing up is a hassle, something that takes time and keeps you from actually making pictures. But what if it didn’t have to be? That’s where Hedge comes in.

Hedge is a hassle-free way to back up media, from video footage to still photographs to audio files and everything in between. Made to cater to this generation of photographers, the software allows users to import RAW or JPG files, and it can even backup entire Lightroom Catalogs. Hedge is designed specifically to handle large files, and it’s astonishingly quick. In fact, it’s the fastest reliable software for importing images on OS X. With Hedge, you can simultaneously copy files and work on post-production; you can even import to multiple destinations at the same time.

We won’t include all the technical jargon you need to know before you use Hedge because, well, there isn’t any! The interface is clean and easy to understand, and it’s ingeniously automated to allow photographers to do as little—and to press as few buttons—as possible. Hedge does all the heavy lifting, and the software works with sophistication and finesse, keeping your work protected and safe. Every single file Hedge copies is cross-verified against the original, and Hedge offers full support for NAS, RAID and uploading to cloud providers.

If you’re still using Finder to import and back up your work, you might be living in the past… and wasting your time. Try Hedge today with a 20% discount here.

Hedge is a Feature Shoot sponsor.