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We’ve interviewed dozens of photographers over the years about what they want in a website, and time and again they’ve listed off three things: aesthetic appeal, versatility, and ease-of-use. Squarespace is constantly evolving to meet those three needs, and just two weeks ago, they rolled out a brand new feature to revolutionize and streamline the website-building process.

Starter layouts are designed for everyone from the seasoned web designer to the first-timer struggling to figure out how best to build an online presence. At Feature Shoot, we’ve visited and used all kinds of Squarespace websites, and what strikes us is always how simple it is to navigate on both ends. With starter layouts, Squarespace takes convenience to a whole new level.

When you’re brainstorming how to create your own pages within your site— About pages, Contact pages, Portfolios, Online Stores, and more— Squarespace now offers you ready-to-use layouts specifically designed to suit the purpose of that page. You can build your own, or you can save yourself time and energy by selecting one of the suggested layouts, built for you by the industry experts at Squarespace.

This is how it works: Squarespace users can chose a starter layout and rearrange the elements to suit their needs. They can add or remove text and image blocks until it looks just right. Starter layouts are particularly helpful because they show you straightaway what various pages on good website should look like. All you have to do is make it yours by adding your content and customizing the page. Regardless of the Squarespace website template you end up choosing—and they’re all beautiful— your starter layout will seamlessly fit.

We’ve always loved that Squarespace is made for artists who want to spend time doing things that aren’t writing out code to build a website, but now they’ve made the process even more painless. They’ve not only made it quick and easy; they’ve also made it fun. Get started with Squarespace and their classic starter layouts today. Once you’re done—and it won’t take long, we promise— you can get back to work doing what you do best.

Squarespace is a Feature Shoot sponsor.